Lifeboating and Lifeguarding

Capturing the passion, integrity and professionalism involved with saving lives at sea

Recent Work

  • U.S. Coast Guard Ship by Cynthia48
  • United States Coast Guard by Laurie Puglia
  • Across Stornoway Harbour by kalaryder
  • Cottesloe Lifesaver (2) by kalaryder
  • Patrolling Fremantle Harbour by kalaryder
  • Lifeguard Duty by Cynthia48
  • Pilot Vessel by Cynthia48
  • Royal Navy Search and Rescue (End of an Era) by © Steve H Clark
  • Kirkwall Lifeboat by kalaryder
  • Royal Navy Search and Rescue Sea King Helicopter by © Steve H Clark
  • Rescue Zone (2) by kalaryder
  • Whitby's Old Lifeboat, RNLI Mary Ann Hepworth by © Steve H Clark

About This Group

Saving lives at sea is an incredible motivator for many people around the world, some are paid to do it, others volunteer.

For many, just knowing that there are people willing to put their own lives at risk to save others is a massive comfort.

This Group celebrates everything to do with lifesaving and lifeguarding at sea; the passion, integrity and professionalism of those involved and also the training, equipment and facilities that they require to do it.
PLEASE no races with Life Saving Equipment.


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