Lens Reversal

Another way to use your lens creatively!

Recent Work

  • Toothy Grin by rom01
  • Stamens by rom01
  • Gerbera by rom01
  • Its All I ASk.... by Graeme M
  • BlooDstained by Graeme M
  • UndyinG by Graeme M
  • PErfect Imperfections by Graeme M
  • EAsy To PLease by Graeme M
  • It DOesn't TAke Much...... by Graeme M
  • On THe Wings Of CHange by Graeme M
  • NOthing To Hide by Graeme M
  • THis DreaM by Graeme M

About This Group

Hey folks, do you like to take close up shots but can’t afford that expensive macro yet?

Why not try using a 50mm lens reversed. You could be very surprised with the results.

Give it a go and this is the place to display your creative results.

See the group rules and join this group here

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