Our little corner of the RedBubble universe for all those images relating to Lego

Recent Work

  • Lego Spiderman by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'
  • Batman's little car by playwell
  • Rebel road by playwell
  • Silent H by Bean Strangeways
  • There's always an Itch to Scratch by playwell
  • Good Cop - Bad Cop  by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'
  • Le Grill? by HRLambert
  • Guilty BBQ by Bean Strangeways
  • Building a Relationship by Bean Strangeways
  • Lego AT-AT and Speeder by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'
  • Yeti! by playwell
  • Friday the 13th by Bean Strangeways

About This Group

Calling all lovers of the brick… This is the group for you. This is currently the only group dedicated to Lego and is the ideal place to showcase your work. ( And if it’s either Star Wars or Indian Jones related, then even better! :0] )

We are keen to see both your building skills and imagination as well as your photography skills – so no snap shots / WIP’s etc.

See the group rules and join this group here