• Anthony DiMichele

    strike back by Anthony DiMichele

    ice boulders are something new under the sun
    in the graphics buried deep down in the list
    the land you walk on is a target
    the distance between us now is disasterous
    species destruction
    seen from o…

    336 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    new body by Anthony DiMichele

    I don’t mind slipping into somebody else
    It always came naturally
    drawing and painting
    visions in the dark punishment
    cell under the stairs
    no walls could ever keep me from traveling
    I see the eye i…

    209 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    austerity by Anthony DiMichele

    is a prison
    in our minds
    and language keeps the keys
    whatever else it may be
    less of us
    for more of us
    hand made trends
    out of fashion
    a phantom submarine
    with a level hea…

    86 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    native tongue by Anthony DiMichele

    I love black and white
    that time of day
    in between
    gray zones
    on paper or files
    films or skies
    I prefer it
    to color
    that overload
    think about
    how much more
    color contains
    and how it attacks yo…

    100 words
  • su2anne

    The undoing by su2anne

    Spurious lies veracious in appetite
    Leave the heartland a desiccated husk
    Fungal spores bloom blighting crops
    Where once fecund ideas reigned
    Plague ignored
    War supreme
    The GDP now healthy

    43 words
  • su2anne

    The now is to be by su2anne

    Do you fear the unknown or embrace it?
    Who is the Stranger; Another or You?

    262 words
  • Kanages Ramesh

    Train by Kanages Ramesh

    Signal not falling, no destination was found
    Nor one stationed to run the programme;

    170 words
  • su2anne

    The conversation by su2anne

    Truth be told
    But be clear on how you listen.”

    88 words
  • su2anne

    The Possibility… by su2anne

    A proffered heart was suspended
    Truth required
    Could Humanity Accept
    And be healed…

    52 words
  • moonlover

    Go Slow by moonlover

    Live the moment, make it last,
    The moon smiles and waits,
    River says ‘No hurry’
    Birds say the same,
    Flower says ‘I’m chilling out,
    and just making myself pretty.’

    256 words
  • su2anne

    Acceptance by su2anne

    Self-exiled this man will drown in sadness and the world will be
    Overcome by a grief so great that a sea of tears will break our hearts
    And no amount of stones left could give rise to who he is

    164 words
  • su2anne

    Bereft by su2anne

    The bones rose up from the Depths of Despair
    The dark waters gave countenance
    It is thus
    Humanity’s purchase is tenuous at best
    Is it inevitable that all be destroyed…

    47 words
  • su2anne

    The disquiet by su2anne

    The Mother stands
    Her form partially draped in human dilemmas
    Though for the most part she is indistinct
    Allowing nature to pass through and around

    55 words
  • su2anne

    The unknown future by su2anne

    A tear of great loss seeped into its trunk
    Reaching inside her breast
    She took out her heart and buried it beside herself
    Courage and life intermingled…

    126 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    dragonfly by Anthony DiMichele

    off the grid still leaves footprints
    we are not supposed to be here
    any more
    but let that go with the rest
    never is forever
    we are all defiant drug store clerks
    wearing a lot of white
    made in factories…

    92 words
  • su2anne

    The eternal flame by su2anne

    Why do you rake the coals?
    I’m searching for lost causes.
    Surely they are already burnt out.
    There are always embers
    And from them another flame can be lit.

    44 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    Lists by Anthony DiMichele

    pennies & nickles
    dimes & quarters
    in separate jars
    3 drawers to cover the odds
    and a paint cabinet
    to hide what needs to be hidden in
    the bag of odors and the fresh linen joke
    2 pairs maybe three hoof shea…

    140 words
  • su2anne

    Earthly matters by su2anne

    This crossing will require that she have her wits about and a resolve that is
    resolute for this is danger time where nothing is known;

    274 words