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03-11-14 ... "THE DAILY DAZZLER" ....... ♥ Plant a Tree ♥

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3741 posts


                                                                                             ♥ Plant a Tree ♥

Angel Oak Arms Open Wide by Miles Moody

Waking Up by © Janis Zroback

Prayer.. by © Janis Zroback

The Gift by fizzyjinks

A Bluebird's Song by ChristianSchloe

Painting Overlay.by Andrew Nawroski

Forest Of Memories by Bjorn Eek

                                                                                             ♥ Plant a Tree ♥

Jemina by JolanteHesse

Megan by AndyGii

Sweet Pea by Lynn Starner

Seated Man by JolanteHesse

The Farriers Daughter by Peter Williams

Finders Keepers by tinypaws

A source of endless Love and Light….. by Renate Dartois

[ quiet gathering for chamber music ] by Irina & Silviu Székely

[ the ship lay on its side, its legal mechanism tumbled around in the engine room ] by Irina & Silviu Székely

Dissapear by Ruta Dumalakaite

Manifest by Kanchan Mahon

Paint Your World by Kanchan Mahon

Jujubes by John Dicandia

Sweet Intoxication of Love by Christel Roelandt

Tiny Dancer by MarieG

the pilgrim by Loui Jover


Pedro's In DUMBO by Chris Lord

Grizzly by WildestArt

THE SCREAM by Tammera

The Depthful Wish by Ethan Harris

Keep your Secrets by Catrin Welz-Stein

Burning In The Shadow by dorina costras

Thank you all for the awesome work ♥
Also a big THANK YOU from your grateful host to all those of you who take the time
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Susan Werby Susan Werby 2650 posts

These are all amazing works of art, Kira!!! Wow and congratulations to everyone here…so well deserved!!!!

tinypaws tinypaws 1238 posts

The artists chosen is all very talented and creative.An excellent selection of art.
Honored to be included thank you.;0)

Christel  Roelandt Christel Roel... 1135 posts

Thank you so much for featuring my portrait of Sting in this wonderful selection, Kira!!! And congratulations to all the other artists featured too,
proud to be among you!!! Happy week, Christel.

Lynn Starner Lynn Starner 191 posts

Wonderful selections, Kira! Congrats to all the featured artists and thanks so much for including mine!

Peter Williams Peter Williams 46 posts

|wow! Thanks for the feature. Great selection here, congratulations to all.

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5021 posts

Great selection, beautiful artworks, congrats all!

Chris Lord Chris Lord 483 posts

Looking through the artworks above makes me feel that this just has to be the most artistic and talented group of folks on Redbubble. I am so very honored,
therefore, to see my work “hanging” alongside all these great pieces in this gallery. Congratulations to all the creators of these excellent pieces and a huge
thank you to Kira for finding and selecting mine. Great work everyone.

Andy Nawroski Andy Nawroski 1200 posts

Really inspiring looking through these features ~ congratulations all on your talented expressions!!! good to be featured with you.

MarieG MarieG 438 posts

If this group didn’t exist…we would have to invent it!!! Thanks to you dear Kira….we do exist!!!! and it’s always an immense pleasure to be featured
amongst these amazing people!!!! Fabulous image….inspiring artists….thank you my friend…for putting this all together for us…..Congrats to all and
thank you for adding one of mine!

fizzyjinks fizzyjinks 105 posts

thank you , thank you, once again Kira for selecting my picture to be among such fabulous artwork. Congratulations to all artists for their brilliant work!

minou41 minou41 259 posts

Such a beautiful collection of work here thank you so much Kira for doing this and I am so honored to find my work included congratulations to everyone…..

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5345 posts

stunning collection of works .. huge congrats everyone

Alison Gilbert Alison Gilbert 858 posts

A great display! Congratulations to the curator and creators!!

Kanchan Mahon Kanchan Mahon 443 posts

You always curate such lovely features Kira! Thanks for including mine. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8076 posts

Thank you so much…I really appreciate it…congratulations to all featured artists…

JolanteHesse JolanteHesse 597 posts

Thank you very much Kira!

Ruta Dumalakaite Ruta Dumalakaite 27 posts

Thank you everyone for such amazing creativity.

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Amazing work in this gallery! So beautiful!
Perfectly presented Kira. It is a delight to view.