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01-16-13...EXCELLENCE GALLERY 2...new entry 11-30-14

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4234 posts

I am very proud to present you with the second “Excellence Gallery”.
Here is a LINK to the first one – you will find it in the group Forum under Permanent Art Galleries.

This gallery is accessible from the groups front page.
To qualify your picture has to be exceptional and original in every thinkable way from idea to execution.
All the art forms represented in this group will be included, but only the very best.
Your pictures will be displayed full size and there can be no watermark in the middle. New entries will be added at the top.

The Reader by MarieG

Robert by FDugourdCaput

Margrit and Dzunani by JolanteHesse

Travelers by Alexander Skachkov

The Matriarch by JolanteHesse

And I always will by Marie-Esther

Another Kind Of Rhapsody by dorina costras

Memories 2 by Catrin Welz-Stein

Nomsa by JolanteHesse

Shape Of My Heart… by dorina costras

Reflections of Sasha by Jean Hildebrant

Bubbles by Catrin Welz-Stein

Over the Rainbow. Original Sold. by Tatyana Binovskaya

a portrait of Mr. Hjort by Bjorn Eek

A Royal Trio by Phyllis Beiser

Love Zone by Eddy Aigbe

Face of Disgrace 2. by Andrew Nawroski

The passage by elisabetta trevisan

Wandering with thoughts by Elena Oleniuc

xxX I Believe in Elephants Xxx by lovemexxx

insomnia by carol brandt

Sculpture City by Chris Lord

The Street Hawker #0301 by Michiel de Lange

The Skydancer by MoonSpiral

Never look a gift horse in the mouth by Alan Mattison IPA

the perfect moment by Loui Jover

drawing with pablo by Loui Jover

When love whispers your name by tinypaws

The Storyteller by Aimee Stewart

In dreams you're mine by Alan Mattison IPA

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5364 posts

stunning work .. huge congrats

Jennifer Rhoades Jennifer Rhoades 171 posts

Congratulations, Alan! It’s a stunner!!

Aimee Stewart Aimee Stewart 32 posts

Thank you so very much!!!! And congratulations, Alan!!

Alga Washington Alga Washington 351 posts

Wonderful work, congrats!

Alan Mattison Alan Mattison 455 posts

Thank you soooo much for including my ballet dancers in the excellence part of the group !

Alan Mattison Alan Mattison 455 posts

and thank you even once more, this time for including my Icelandic ponies. The photographic & creative standard in this group sets a quality level in RB, indeed anywhere !!

Chris Lord Chris Lord 617 posts

Wowzer! My “Sculpture City” included with the “crème de la crème” in the Excellence Gallery. I am so very honored Kira and thank you profusely. Hearty Congrats to all the talented artists showcased above, I’m proud and grateful to stand alongside you.

carol brandt carol brandt 143 posts

humbling to be included among such excellent works and artists – thanks a million times kira

tori yule tori yule 8320 posts

Excellent selection, Kira!
Congrats to all!

tinypaws tinypaws 1255 posts

Beautiful work and honor to be part of.Congrats everyone on most inspirational work featured.

viennablue viennablue 2445 posts

stunning work, congratulations to all the artists :-)

MarieG MarieG 445 posts

Always such a pleasure to come and here and admire the brilliant works….many thanks Kira for being such a wonderful host…and congratulations to all artists!!!

Wil Zender Wil Zender 225 posts

Wonderful work, congratulations to everyone!

elisabetta trevisan elisabetta tre... 52 posts

thank you very much and congrats to all

tori yule tori yule 8320 posts

Congratulations, Elisabetta!
Beautiful work!

Andy Nawroski Andy Nawroski 1179 posts

Feeling honored to be featured with such great talent! thank you & congratulations to all.

tori yule tori yule 8320 posts

Congratulations, Andrew!
Fantastic work.

JolanteHesse JolanteHesse 606 posts

Congratulations All; and thanks for including Nomsa, Kira!

Christel  Roelandt Christel Roel... 981 posts

A marvelous collection, Kira!!! So well chosen!!! Congratulations to all the great artists here!!! Have a great weekend, everybody, Christel.

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2632 posts

Big is beautiful, Kira… and these are BIG in the most spectacular way of wow!!! Congratulations to everyone featured here…

tori yule tori yule 8320 posts

Congratulations Jolante on your addition to the Excellence Gallery. A great accomplishment.

Ted Byrne Ted Byrne 137 posts

Damn this is fine work! What a gallery. Kira, you’ve got to find a zillion dollars or euros or something to bring together an actual… bricks and mortar PLACE to hang your curations. Oh, and of course a staff to hammer the nails, lug N’ tug, dust & vacuum, and do the docent explanations of your selections and their fit. Until then… (if I come across an extra zillion I shall send it off) this gallery is a terrific start. Congratulations to you in attracting the submissions of artists with such talent. These images ROCK!

CrismanArt CrismanArt 488 posts

To view this outstanding works of art truly makes my Sunday shine!
Congratulations to all featured artists!

JolanteHesse JolanteHesse 606 posts

Beautiful selection of works; congratulations to all the artists! Thank you for including two of my paintings, Kira.