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06-29-12...The latest and the greatest from "THE DAILY DAZZLER"...Enjoy♥

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3766 posts


Have a wonderful and creative weekend all …Here is the latest and the greatest from The Daily Dazzler…Enjoy♥
Hugs ..Kira ☺

Femme Fatale by Smurfesque

Twin Heart by ChristianSchloe

Within Reach by Pamela Phelps

Queen Nightshade by Susan Kimball

Easily Ignored…. by Karen Helgesen

Parade by Monica Blatton

One More Wish by Monica Blatton

Once Upon A Mid-Summer's Night by Ted Byrne

Eternity by Cornelia Mladenova

CoralForest by Lemarly

Hallowed Halls of Hell by Cliff Vestergaard

Coffins by Sergei Rukavishnikov

The betrayed bride by Dwarkan

TheLastBullet by Sergei Rukavishnikov

Under The Influence by tori yule

Big Bug by Cornelia Mladenova

A Withered Nosegay by John Dicandia

Morning Mist. by Irene Burdell

Piscis by Barbara Bezina

These Dreams…. by Karen Helgesen

Star Gazer .. White Stallion by LoneAngel

Where the starlight begins by Catrin Welz-Stein

Stolen Time by ChristianSchloe

Shelduck in winter by Tarrby

Who ate all the cake by tinypaws

"A study in blue" by Helenka

"Keep silent" by Helenka

Space Ship B17 by Cliff Vestergaard

Migration of Blue Turtles by Lemarly

Nude Study with Satin by Lynda Robinson

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time,
if their image meets the judging requirements.

We feature THE BEST and remove the rest – every day!

Sergei Rukavishnikov Sergei Rukavis... 185 posts

My congratulations to all artists

Diane Johnson-Mosley Diane Johnson-... 923 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists, spectacular works!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 4996 posts

amazing collection of works .. huge congrats everyone .. many many thanks for including my stallion .. so honored

Irene  Burdell Irene Burdell 831 posts

Thank you so much Kira , a beautiful selection from a lot of talented artists . x

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1135 posts

Awesome selection, Kira . . . congrats on the wonderful job everyone!

Ted Byrne Ted Byrne 123 posts

I’m rarely without words. Yet…. yet… I have visited the postings of a number of the art works in this collection Kira and left without leaving a comment. Not because I was unmoved, but because that part of my brain that produces words was… unmoved… or frozen. I couldn’t bring myself to litter the postings with… “Wow!”, or “Love it”, or things that seemed unworthy of the work.

Someone once wondered if thought was possible without words? They seemed to say that what we cannot name, does not exist. And yet, I feel, and think, and wonder about the communication many of these artists have forced upon me and realize that my inability to comment, or even to compliment without reeking of triteness answered the question. Yep, thought is possible without words. And one only need to look at, appreciate, and experience the artist’s intent to prove it.

You are correct Kira, this is a dazzling collection. Thank you for assembling it and the artists for making it possible.

viennablue viennablue 2602 posts

stunning selection, congratulations to all the featured artists, superb work by all :-)

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 846 posts

Beautiful selection! Congrats to all featured artist!

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1707 posts

What amazing journeys the images here today can take one on! Beautiful works members, congratulations to everyone! Thank you so much Kira for including my image today!

tori yule tori yule 6871 posts

Your gallery is stunning, Kira
These works are beautiful.
Congratulation to all the featured artists
and thank you for including mine

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9555 posts

Beautiful gallery. Congratulations to all featured!

Lemarly Lemarly 905 posts

Congratulations to All Talent Artists !!!!! Your works are incredible !!!! Amazing collection again,Kira !! And thank you VERY much for this honor of being featured with my works among these fine ArtCreations !!!! Marjut

tinypaws tinypaws 1221 posts

Wonderful selection Kira.;0)) glad to be chosen among such talented artists.Very well done everyone featured.!

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2816 posts

Wonderful selection, congratulations to all the artists!

Tarrby Tarrby 1058 posts

This is a really stunning gallery Kira, so many innovative and diverse works of art, truly dazzling. Thank you for bringing them to us and congrats to all involved, Brian

Gilberte Gilberte 213 posts

Fantastic selection Kira and congratulations to all the wonderful artists.

Cornelia Mladenova Cornelia Mlade... 52 posts

Congratulations to all featured :)

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 2933 posts

I love Ted Byrne’s comment up there!!!
Congratulations one and all, and a reiteration of my gratitude and thanks to you, Kira, for all the things you do for us artists.

lucyliu lucyliu 29 posts

congrats to all…beautiful selection

Magaret Meintjes Magaret Meintjes 3235 posts

Excellent! Amazing work en well deserved features, congratulations to ALL!

Alga Washington Alga Washington 478 posts

Absolutely stunning, congrats to all.

MarieG MarieG 444 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists…and to you dear Kira for selecting these fabulous images…!