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05-17-12 ...Thursday features ... with "The Daily Dazzler"

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3742 posts


“The Daily Dazzler” – is a picture that caught my eye or touched my heart for one reason or another.

Congratulations Lisa on your first Dazzler – I wonder if this gorgeous green hair will come in style☺

Blossoms by LisaMM

May Your Day Be Filled With Smiles and Flutterbys by Bunny Clarke

Cheeky cats by Karin Zeller

The Portal .. fantasy art by LoneAngel

32 Ford Pickup Starlight by ChasSinklier

"Whiteness" by Helenka

Dictated Serenity by strawberries

SOUL Music by Angela L Walker

Dream Of Love…. by Sharon House

Fish With Red Dress by Ellen Marcus

Fish With a Pearl Earring by Ellen Marcus

Everything Unimportant by Monica Blatton

Reflections in Blue by Tarrby

Room With a View by Craig Martin

Forget Me Not by Lemarly

Unconfined by Pamela Phelps

This Ain't No Game Show by deborah zaragoza

Your place or mine? by Catrin Welz-Stein

The Dormouse by Shelly Harris

Nature's paintbrush by Elizabeth Kendall

Coral the Oracle by Helena Wilsen – Saunders

the Night Swimmer by Helena Wilsen – Saunders

Good things don't always come in small packages by Lissywitch

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time,
if their image meets the judging requirements.

We feature THE BEST and remove the rest – every day!

THANK YOU all for the Outstanding work
Have a wonderful creative day ..see y’all tomorrow ☺
hugs…Kira ♥

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5073 posts

Congratulations Lisa and all the features today.
Beautiful works!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5339 posts

stunning collection of images .. huge congrats everyone .. thank you ever so much for including my image

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 870 posts

Dazzling! Delightful! Delicious eye candy! This is such a wonderful Dazzler, Kira! Thank you so very much for including my work in this issue!

Congrats my fellow artists… doesn’t it feel good to be included in such a wonderful permanent display of art?!? It does for me! :)

Lissywitch Lissywitch 153 posts

Another stunning collection of works Kira, many congratulations to all featured, and truly honoured to be included too :))

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2529 posts

Oooh! this page is beautiful! Thanks Kira for including my art amongst all these lovely works! Congrats to all!

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2767 posts

Great selection, congratulations everyone.

Sergei Rukavishnikov Sergei Rukavis... 147 posts

Congratulations Lisa and all artists

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5001 posts

Great selection, congrats to the artists!

tinypaws tinypaws 1234 posts

The most beautiful work!!Well done to everyone;0)))

viennablue viennablue 2416 posts

wonderful work, congratualtions to all the featured artists :-)

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1035 posts

Delightful selection, Kira . . . congrats everyone!

Tarrby Tarrby 1290 posts

Lovely selection Kira, congratulations to everyone, Brian

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8739 posts

Beautiful selections. Congratulations to all featured!

Sharon House Sharon House 209 posts

Congratulations to everyone who has their work featured here. Kira, thankyou ~ I feel honoured to be included amongst such beautiful works of art :o))

ChasSinklier ChasSinklier 249 posts

Spectacular work all – congrats and thanks ~:0) VivaChas!

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1508 posts

Superb work everyone! Congratulations to all members, and Thanks for allowing me to share this page today Kira!

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2705 posts

These are such fabulous selections! Congratulations to all the featured artists. :o)

debarlene debarlene 281 posts

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Kira you are so wonderful at choosing some of the best images here on RedBubble!

Congratulations to all my fellow members in this wonderful group of excellent artists!
Cheers to all,

LisaMM LisaMM 1483 posts

WOW… first DAZZLER!!! and what a thrill it is…I’m delighted. Thank you so very much Kira……..yes, i do hope the green hair catches on. Thank you again. I am truly honoured.
Congratulations to all artists. :-) xxx

Craig  Martin Craig Martin 5 posts

Amaaaazing pictures Kira. Thanks

Lemarly Lemarly 970 posts

Fine creations from everyone !!!! Congratulations to all talent artists !!! And thank you very, very much,Kira, for this big honor of being featured among these beautiful works !!! Marjut