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04-01-12 ...Sunday features ...with "The Daily Dazzler"

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3743 posts

“The Daily Dazzler” – is a picture that caught my eye or touched my heart for one reason or another.

Congratulations Dorina – today The Daily Dazzler is yours. I just LOVE this

"Nocturne" from “Feuilleton” series by dorina costras

Birdy portrait by annacuypers

Believing by Kanchan Mahon

On the beach by Catrin Welz-Stein

My World © by Dawn M. Becker

Pretty Peony by Irene Burdell

Tumblestones by Avantgarda

The Peaks of Torres del Paine by Peter Hammer

Flight by Margi

Cockatoo Portrait by Barbie

Clipped II by Matteo Pontonutti

The Gremlin Convention by deborah zaragoza

Little Red Run by Shelly Harris

Tulip Garden by Irene K.

Pastel Poem by Jessica Jenney

I Got Here First by deborah zaragoza

The Diva by twopoots

Dawn's Story Part 1 of 5 by Ray-d

Justin Hartley, featured in Group Gallery -Art and Photography by FDugourdCaput

Laguna Beach Lifeguard HQ by Chris Lord

Teenage Chilean Flamingo by deborah zaragoza

Copper Curls by Wendi Donaldson

Adrift by Richard Gerhard

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time,
if their image meets the judging requirements.

We feature THE BEST and remove the rest – every day!

THANK YOU all for the Outstanding work
Have a wonderful creative day ..see y’all tomorrow ☺
hugs…Kira ♥

JolanteHesse JolanteHesse 597 posts

Beautiful works, congratulations all!

Dawn Becker Dawn Becker 315 posts

TY so very much for featuring my work and congrats to all other artists that have been featured!!! Totally stunning images!!! :o)

Françoise  Dugourd-Caput Françoise Dug... 401 posts

thank you Kira, congrats for all artists featured

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 933 posts

Wow….Wow….Thank you so much…an honor with such great work….

Catrin Welz-Stein Catrin Welz-Stein 42 posts

Thanks Kira! Beautiful selection of art!

annacuypers annacuypers 183 posts

Congrats to all, cheers Kira !! xxo

Margi Margi 288 posts

a wonderfully eclectic selection Kira, thank you and congrats to all:)))

Carol Knudsen Carol Knudsen 230 posts

WOWWWWWW….LOVE this beautifu selection Kira!!! Congratulations to all the featured artists!!!! ♥

Linda Lees Linda Lees 1438 posts

So many stunning artworks! Congratulations to all featured artists

Ivana Pinaffo Ivana Pinaffo 874 posts

Congratulations to all the talented artists

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4997 posts

Beautiful work, congrats everyone!

Ray-d Ray-d 110 posts

Very cool. I can now try sneaking the other 4 parts of Dawn’s Story in.:o)

Kanchan Mahon Kanchan Mahon 443 posts

Oooh! Kira, your featured are always so well done, but this one is particularly gorgeous, you make a great curator! Thanks for including my “Believing”

Chris Lord Chris Lord 482 posts

My favorite curator has done it again and here’s another fantabulous gallery of impeccable art.
Gratitude to you Kira for including my Laguna Beach shot and may I offer my hearty congratulations
to all the wonderful artists with featured works here today.

Sherryll  Johnson Sherryll Johnson 221 posts

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful for various and sundry reasons…….these visions put a smile on my face.
Thank you for the display Kira and congratulations to the artist involved. :-)

Wendi Donaldson Laird Wendi Donaldso... 589 posts

Such a treat to view these wonderful images, Kira…. fantastic job!! Congrats to all! And thank you kindly for including my Copper Curls here! :))

linmarie linmarie 2147 posts

Congratulations everyone,, what a beautiful gallery of art.. APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!! lol.. just joking, you are all so inspiring!!!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8062 posts

Thank you so much for including my painting in this wonderful collection of works and congratulations to the other featured artists……

debarlene debarlene 281 posts

Wonderful images of excellent art! Congratulations to all! Thank you so very much Kira for always showing the best of the best! You are awesome!!

ArtbyChaune ArtbyChaune 50 posts

A beautiful selection of features!! Congratulations to all the artists!!

dorina costras dorina costras 161 posts

Congratulations to all the artists! Wonderful works!
And thank you so much, Kira!!! I am really happy to be here!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8736 posts

Excellent choices. Congratulations to all featured artists!