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03-11-14..."Magic Moments With BIRDS" - new additions 12-15-15

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3741 posts

“Magic Moments with BIRDS”
A 2011 Gallery revitalized for your viewing pleasure – enjoy ♥

Some of the images in this gallery will not be accessible (dead link) due to members leaving RB.

The Mystical Snowy Owl
by Tarrby

Waiting On The Tide
by Phyllis Beiser

Osprey And A Mullet by Phyllis Beiser

Great Egret In Fall
by Phyllis Beiser

“Forest Flight by Jessica Jenney

Snowy Egret Preening by Tarrby

White Morph Reddish Egret At Creole Gap by Phyllis Beiser

Eyes on You by littlecritters

autumn juniper berries and yellow rumped warbler by R Christopher Vest

Pelican Lift-Off by Phyllis Beiser

Bald Eagle on Misty Lake by Tarrby

What Pelicans Do (1) by Phyllis Beiser

The Plight of the Pelican by Susan Werby

What Pelicans Do (2) by Phyllis Beiser

Misty Blue by Tarrby

Moonlight by ChristianSchloe

White Pelicans In The Mississippi Marsh by Phyllis Beiser

A Portrait Of Two Pelicans by Phyllis Beiser

Major Mitchell by © Linda Callaghan

The Dancing Crane by Tarrby

Too much of a mess by tinypaws

Brilliant White Snowy Egret by Phyllis Beiser

A Southern Sunrise by Phyllis Beiser

Everglades Evening by Tarrby

Secret Conclave Of The Barristers by Chris Lord

Grey Crowned Cranes. by Tarrby

The woman of seagulls by Alessandro Andreuccetti

My Blue Heaven by Tarrby

How Dare You by timpr

Macaw's Siesta Time by Tarrby

Cranes arriving by Tarrby

The teacher and the pupil by Heather King

Buzzard Calling by Tarrby

RED-BILLED HORNBILL – Tockus erythrorhynchus by Magaret Meintjes

Still Waters by Phyllis Beiser

THE GIANT KINGFISHER – Megaceryle maximo – Reusevisvanger
by Magaret Meintjes

Swan Lake by ajgosling

Hurricane Issac Pelicans by Phyllis Beiser

Louisiane Berceuse by Phyllis Beiser

Pelican Sunset by Tarrby

Wedge tailed eagle by Jan Pudney

pelican by carol brandt

About to strike by Tarrby

Perseverance by Lois Bryan

Swan Scene by ajgosling

Silent Swoop by SuddenJim

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty by vigor

Ferruginous Hawk by Barbara Manis

The Gift by Elaine Manley

Just for YOU RB's by hampshirelady

3 by peter holme III

Pure by Trudi’s Images

Flamingo Moon by Tarrby

Serendipity by NewfieKeith

"Not bad…lift the leg a bit higher……?" by polly470

Out For a Walk by Margi

It Could Have Been Me! by NewfieKeith

Thank you all for the awesome birds♥
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polly470 polly470 897 posts

I tell you…you can just look at these images for ever…each one is a special gem, and deserving of hanging in a gallery!
What a pre-Christmas treat Kira! Hugest of congratulations to each and every artist featured on here, and to Kira for doing it!

jwmphotos jwmphotos 245 posts

An aweseome selection Kira. Congratulations to all the wonderful artists featured!

Tarrby Tarrby 1295 posts

A sublime collection of magical images Kira, so beautifully put together. Well deserved congratulations to all the artists and friends involved, Brian

ajgosling ajgosling 79 posts

Congratulations everyone. Thank you Kira.

AngieDavies AngieDavies 572 posts

A fabulous gallery of inspiring images! Congratulations to all the featured artists! Thank you for this wonderful presentation Kira, and for including my First Snow in Magic Moments With Birds !

Elaine  Manley Elaine Manley 93 posts
thank you Kira ! congrats to al lthe artists .. they are all beautiful
NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1750 posts

I am truly honored to be featured with all of these wonderful works!!! Awesome Kira! Thank you :)))))

LudaNayvelt LudaNayvelt 690 posts

ah , such a super collection, just amazing, congrats to all

Barbara Manis Barbara Manis 445 posts

Very magical, congrats to everyone featured! Thanks for including some of mine, Kira!

inkedsandra inkedsandra 334 posts

A magical page Kira, so well put together. Congrats to all for such lovely work. Thanks for including mine.

MaeBelle MaeBelle 258 posts

Beautiful job of displaying all of the awesome works,Kira♥ Congrats to all featured,WTG!! thank you for including mine.:o)) God Bless,Mae

linmarie linmarie 2147 posts

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! everyone, these are all so beautiful and inspiring… well deserved features and make for another awesome gallery thanks to our lovely host Kira.. ♥

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

Huge congratulations to ALL!!!
What a wonderful selection, dear Kira!!!
Beautiful birds!!!

Margi Margi 288 posts

thank you Kira, what a fabulous gallery on one of my favourite subjects, all the feathered ones :))) congrats on the wonderful work.

Diane Johnson-Mosley Diane Johnson-... 650 posts

Fantastic gallery Kira, congratulations to all the artists and their wonderful birds!!!

Kanchan Mahon Kanchan Mahon 443 posts

What incredibly talented artists, what compelling work, and how awesome to view them together like this! Congratulations to all!.

vigor vigor 10154 posts

These permanent features are always such a treat to look at. So many beautiful works, congrats to all! Thank you Kira for putting my parrot on this page!!!


thanks Kira for a wonderful gallery of treats, congrats to all the featured artists.

jaypea jaypea 695 posts

Gorgeous collection of some really magic moments – thank you for including one of mine :)

Lois  Bryan Lois Bryan 474 posts

such a spectacular collection of images … and what an honor to be among you all!!!! congratulations everyone!!!!!!

Tarrby Tarrby 1295 posts

I love this gallery Kira, congratulations to all the featured artists.

jaypea jaypea 695 posts

Lovely to see these beautiful works again Kira. Thank you very much for including my swan and congratulations to the featured artists.
Pity so many have left RB …

tori yule tori yule 8213 posts

Congrats to the newest featured artists of this gorgeous gallery!

Phyllis Beiser Phyllis Beiser 136 posts

This is a fantastic gallery of my favorite subjects, birds! Congratulations to all of the featured artists and a big thanks to Kira!
Thank you so much for including my Louisiane Berceuse painting among these exceptional works of art…