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10-09-11..."In a NEW YORK state of mind"... by Chris Lord (locked)

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“In a NEW YORK state of mind”… by Chris Lord …..Turn on the music and enjoy the guided tour.

Billy Joel sings of Riverside and the Hudson River in his well known song and Manhattan is indeed a narrow island where you are never far from a body of water.
To the west is the Hudson River and to the east the East River.
South of Manhattan is the Harbor and throughout are Parks with lakes, waterfalls, reflecting pools and ponds.
Lets “dive in” and let water tie together this series of photographs taken in New York City as we take a “wet” tour of the Big Apple.
Chris Lord

Sailing the East River; Starting at the very bottom of Manhattan we see a tourist tour boat sail past downtown on a dark and stormy day.

1 Sailing into the East River, New York City by Chris Lord

The Bridges over the East River; The Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges span the East River in this image taken from the tops of the World Trade Center Towers before their destruction.

2 The Bridges and The East River, New York, USA by Chris Lord

The Bridges at Dusk; this shot was taken from a photo studio’s window in DUMBO, an area in downtown Brooklyn.

3 The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges at Dusk, USA
by Chris Lord

Spring In Brooklyn Bridge Park; Looking out over the green of Brooklyn Bridge Park lies the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

4 Spring In Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY, USA by Chris Lord

A View From The Manhattan Bridge; This capture’s the New York skyline in the distance behind the Brooklyn Bridge.

5 View from the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn USA by Chris Lord

War Memorial Plaza; In downtown Manhattan we can find the memorial to the Vietnam War in this pretty Plaza with it’s reflecting Pool.

6 War Memorial Plaza, Downtown Manhattan by Chris Lord

Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building; Moving uptown we pass by another reflecting pool in this small park across the road from the famous Flat Iron Building.

7 Spring Arrives In Madison Square Park by Chris Lord

West Side Piers and the Intrepid; Moving uptown on the Hudson we see this view from the pier next to the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid.

8 The Intrepid & West Side Piers Panorama, NYC, USA by Chris Lord

Spring in Central Park; We arrive in Central Park at the beginning of spring as trees are seen in bloom across the boating lake.

9 Springtime Arrives In Central Park, New York, USA by Chris Lord

Central Park Waterfall; Heading all the way uptown in Central Park’s North Woods we are surprised to find this wonderful little waterfall.

10 New York City Waterfall! by Chris Lord

Autumn In The Park; Again the boating lake is featured in this image looking west in Fall.

11 Central Park, A Vintage Fall Fantasy by Chris Lord

Danger Thin Ice; Winter arrives in Central Park and we find the lake frozen solid in this icy shot.

12 Danger – Thin Ice by Chris Lord

Bow Bridge; It’s still Winter in this view of famous Bow Bridge.

13 Central Park, Bow Bridge In Winter by Chris Lord

Looking Towards 5th Avenue; The defrost begins in this shot across Central Parks boating lake.

14 Central Park Looking Towards Fifth Avenue by Chris Lord

ounding out our tour we return downtown and view two captures of the 9/11 Tribute lights captured from across the Hudson River.

North Tower 9/11 Memorial by Chris Lord

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