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6-5-11 PAINT BOOK: Features: What Were You Thinking?

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What were the Artists thinking…what led them to the easel for thought transference to canvas, resulting in an inspired art piece?
Some Artists share their thoughts…here are a few. No names were included…..Can You Guess the Artist?


“Relax” sumi-e ink wash painting.

“Relax” is an original painting using ink brush pens. It measures 8-1/2” x 11” and is on heavy stock, textured white paper.
I am inspired by the elegance and simplicity of japanese ‘sumi-e’ and chinese ‘shui-mo hua’ paintings. This painting is from my ‘Beauty of Bamboo’ series.
“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”
- Bruce Lee -


We all could use a pick me up! Maybe it was the mouse he was chasing, maybe it was watching the warm milk as they poured it in…or it could just be too much caffeine! Now the trick is to make yourself look like a coffee cup so the dog won’t notice!

The original was done, in a series of color pencil paintings on wood and mfd panels. the color pencil is applied in such a way as to saturate the wood with full color and then polish it so it looks like a oil painting.


This is a drawing of a photo I took while in Malaysia.
The boat man was out in the estuary in George Town.
The atmosphere was so peace full and serene, that is what I wanted to capture in this drawing.
watercolour paper 300gm pencil and charcoal


A Misty Morning

by Mary Etta Metcalf

The mist shrouds the trees and gives the lake a mystical view
gazing across the water you can just see the shape of a loon
it gives out its haunting cry as a buck and doe creep out to drink
there is so much serenity on the lake on a misty morning

thru the silence one can soak in the sights that takes the breath away
the beauty is beyond imagination even a painters brush cant capture
as the sun begins to rise the mist begins to fade clearness returns
there is so much serenity on the lake on a misty morning

you stand there for a minute trying to remember the sight you saw
nothing can take its place the mist only shows in early fall before snow
the inspirations drawn from it somehow stays within the mind only
there is so much serenity on the lake on a misty morning

every year it draws you back like a magnet just to see the misty lake
when temperatures drop during the night warms slowly in the morning
this is the dream one has all year long waiting for the reality to occur
there is so much serenity on the lake on a misty morning


This is another finished painting from one of my ‘travelling/homesick sketches’. While studying a sketch, I noticed that it had a familiar scene of me approaching home and suddenly experiencing that sense of joy, elation and, warmth. Knowing that I was drawing closer to see those that I love and thanking God for making it possible for me to do so. My eyes see the animals, the homes, the grass… I smell the grass, feel it brush my feet as I walk closer. I hear birds, the goats, sheep and, children playing in the distance. And my heart, body and, soul blends into this rythm… I know, I feel, I am… home


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”

“When you do dance, I wish you a wave o’ the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that”
William Shakespeare quotes

The South Coast region in KwaZulu Natal is that special part of the east coast of South Africa which stretches from Durban to Port Edward


A few months ago I came up with the idea for this calendar project that I kept in secret until it’s recent completion. I picked eleven of my friends for this. None of them knew what I was doing and most of them had no idea I was working on anything involving their likeness. I chose my closest friends and friends whose photos I could work with. I tried to pick the most lovely lady born in each month, and the flowers that matched their personalities.

Meet Magdalena, born in June. Artistic, bohemian, passionate, feminine, and mysterious, she gets a crimson rose, which is the official flower of June.


This is my very FIRST watercolor floral. I avoided doing florals (and watercolors) for more than 40 years but I needed a challenge and this fit the bill perfectly. For the first one, I thought I did alright. What do you think?


My neighbour grows Coneflowers and I paint them. I love the strong shape of the flower, the way the petals stand out from the centre and that it stands tall above the other flowers in the garden…..Toronto Ontario Canada…


They might be considered weeds by many gardeners, but I think they’re delightful and really cheer up a boring green lawn! I used to love picking them to make daisy chain necklaces.
Watercolours on Fabriano Artistico extra white cold pressed paper. The original work measures 7″ × 7″


By living in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, an active lifestyle comes as easily to me as breathing…this painting was fun and uplifting to create and I hope that this comes through on the canvas.
Mixed media and Acrylic on canvas 102 × 76cm.


Le Vin Stein on Zazzle

ink on 9″×11″ sketchbook paper

we’ve all been sick for about a week with a nasty bug and living on chicken noodle soup. That’s what this drawing started out as but I saw an art nouveau border I liked with snails and grapes and I used that idea to change everything to grapes and wine. Suitably so…since all the sick people in my house are whining!
The Days of Wine and Roses sung by Andy Williams
Days Of Wine And Roses
The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play
Through a meadow land toward a closing door
A door marked ‘Nevermore’ that wasn’t there before

The lonely night discloses just a passing breeze filled with memories
Of the golden smile that introduced me to

The days of wines and roses and you

(The lonely night discloses)
Just a passing breeze filled with memories
Of the golden smile that introduced me to
The days of wine and roses and you



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Pat, you are THE PERFECT HOST! This is wonderful! Many thanks!

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Thank you so much for featuring my painting among these wonderful works….

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what a brill idea thank you for choosing my boatman to be included among such wonderful inspiring work

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Thanks for featuring my work!