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A big round of applause for these OUTSTANDING AND TALENTED Artists…each receiving a Spotlight Artist Award today.
Bravo Ladies!

Life is an Easel……Paint It With Beauty!

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Brilliant!! Just fantastic!! I look on these with envy because I have never been able to paint or draw…just amazing!!

DeborahZaragoza DeborahZaragoza 315 posts

Congratulations to each one of you fabulous artists who feed us these beautiful images to enjoy whlie we listen to great music and peruse your art on a daily basis.

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Congratulations,Alma,Janis,Barbie,Robyn,and Lisa, There all so beautiful you are all so creative and talented there wonderful Pictures well deserved Congratulations once again Hugs to All

mayart mayart 25 posts

WOW ,,, WOW,,, WOW … LADIES,, Can I express How much I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ART!!
It is so GREAT!!!
Love your art !!!!

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Oh to be so talented. Fantastic selections…

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Congrats to all, great stuff.

Lynn Hughes Lynn Hughes 101 posts

congrats some fantastic imagination here well done to all

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Congratulations everyone!!

RobynLee RobynLee 1198 posts

I feel Flattered to be included w/such Talented Artists. Thanks Again!

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Fantastic! Congratulations. Enjoy your day in the sun…great works of art…a joy to view.

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This is such an honour and I am immensely flattered…thank you so much….

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congrats to all here!! absolutely wonderful works!

Lisa Frances Judd~QuirkyHappyArt Lisa Frances J... 48 posts

Thanks so much for such a great Feature of my work. All of the Artists featured here are emensely talented. Go Girls :D

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These are wonderful! Congratulations to all of you!

Janice Dunbar Janice Dunbar 110 posts

Excellent choices, I love all of these artist’s use of color and vibrancy! Congrats to you all!!!

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Cool work, congrats to all.