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5-3-11 PAINT BOOK: Introduction To Paint Book & Features

pat gamwell pat gamwell 1197 posts



                                                                           JOIN WITH ME IN A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE!
We are excited to announce the official opening of PAINT BOOK….the HAND PAINTING sub-division of ART UNIVERSE.!

  • This exciting & innovative concept is the brain-child of KIRA & PAT.
  • Kira remains as Host of ART UNIVERSE and Pat will host PAINT BOOK.
  • Separate groups under the same “roof”!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please prevent rejections: All images MUST include the media used to be accepted!





WATCH FOR MORE IMPORTANT INFO regarding these fabulous groups! In the mean time….


© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3751 posts

Let me just add that I am so proud to have Pat’s Paint Book under my roof.
I know this is going to be a terrific addition to ART UNIVERSE
and such a joy to be able to see all your gorgeous paintings – WELCOME everybody :o)xx

Robin Monroe Robin Monroe 190 posts

how wonderful….a beautiful collection of works and I’m honored to have my painting included….

Helena Wilsen - Saunders Helena Wilsen ... 51 posts

Thank you so much for featuring me in this fabulous group!

Conoro Conoro 130 posts

Thank you for such a wonderful welcome and also for my feature, you are both honeys! oxox

Donna Ingham Donna Ingham 115 posts

Congrats Pat, some beautiful work here! :-) x

Cate Townsend Cate Townsend 228 posts

Thank you I am so very happy to have my work included, and featured in this wonderful group.

Magi5760 Magi5760 793 posts

I’m very honored, thank you very much Pat!

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

I feel very, very HONORED having my drawing included in the collection of the FEATURES of this prestigious event.

Harp and Its Player
by Elisabeta Hermann

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this sign of appreciation of my work.
This FEATURE means a world to me, dear Pat!

Also…HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to ALL my fellow artists whose beautiful creations are FEATURED here today!!!

Claudia Smaletz Claudia Smaletz 14 posts

I am honored to have my work part of your group:)

Kay Cunningham Kay Cunningham 286 posts

A lovely idea and i am so delighted to have been included in it – thank you. Some beautiful works shown and I am enjoying exploring their artists! xox Kay

Hekla Hekla Hekla Hekla 8 posts

I am very happy , thanks for adding my Monoprint :-)

vimasi vimasi 3 posts

Thank you very much for featuring me in this wonderful group! It ’s an honor to Have My painting included! Thanks again!

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1073 posts

What a marvelous opening with such stunning works on page one …….Congratulations Pat and Kira on such an innovative idea …..
Sincere Congratulations to all Fine Artists Featured on Your Fabulous Work

ArmadaVolya ArmadaVolya 7 posts

Thank you so much for including my work here. I’m honored to be amongst such great artists

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2556 posts


Elena Oleniuc Elena Oleniuc 347 posts

Thank you so much Pat! I am so honoured to have my painting included in this wonderful group !
Congratulations to all artists whose works are featured here !

Karin Zeller Karin Zeller 138 posts

Thank you for adding mine to this lovely feature. So nice to have my work recognized in this way. : )