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Features for March 12th, 2012

Greta  McLaughlin Greta McLaughlin 714 posts

Another week, another 12 beautiful features!!!

A View Like No Other
by Elizabeth Burton

A drop of luck…
by Yool

Aquatic Adventures
by Alex Preiss

Sorrow Sister
by ToastedGhost

Morning Fog In My Garden (Erica)
by Eve Parry

Losing My Religion
by billyboy

Harmony in the mist
by NewfieKeith

Past, Present, Future
by Glitterfest

Family Unit
by Dave Godden

Arab Spring
by David Rozansky

The beauty of cyclamen flowers
by Pauline Wherrell


route map by Sybille Sterk

The quality of work in this group never ceases to amaze!!! Please click on the above works to comment.

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1750 posts

Awesome!! Thank you for the feature!! Congrats to everyone!!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8789 posts

Wonderful features. Congratulations to all featured artists!

David Rozansky David Rozansky 359 posts

OMG!!! What amazing work!!! Effusive Congrats to all!!! I am truly humbled to have been featured amongst you. Thank you!!!

Sybille Sterk Sybille Sterk 1472 posts

Thanks so much for featuring my poem. Much, much appreciated. Lovely collection! Congrats to all the artists.

Marilyn Cornwell Marilyn Cornwell 3412 posts

Wonderful curation, Greta! Every work is gorgeous!

mom23girls mom23girls 2104 posts

Fabulous selections! Congrats to all featured!!

Dave Godden Dave Godden 952 posts

Thanks so much for the feature – what an honour to be in such company :-)

Eve Parry Eve Parry 883 posts

Thank you for the feature. Very much appreciated. Congratulations all featured artists, your work is amazing.

billyboy billyboy 567 posts

Great, I really love how you’ve presented our work here.
Thank you SO much for including one of my personal faves in with all these gorgeous images.
Big congats to everyone featured :-))