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Group Rules:

Our rules are few and simple as we want you to have fun.
We are primarily a scenic group and we’d love to see your interesting images of places you have visited.

REMEMBER – these images are ones you are wanting to sell so make sure they are your very best

The location must be included or your work will be rejected. If you don’t list a full location but I know of the place you’ll probably get in. If I don’t know it though your work will be rejected with a reason. I’ve travelled a bit so you have a 50-50 chance :o)

If you submit images of people, cars, flowers and animals, including birds, fish and insects please make sure they are part of a wider view. Close-ups will not be accepted.
The same goes for doors and windows. They can be very interesting but please make sure we can see a good part of the building they belong to.

We do not have a limit but keep it sensible please. Do not flood the group with numerous submissions each day or you will find all of your works rejected.

Photographs only please.
Please make sure if you digitally enhance your image that it still looks like a photograph. Those that look like paintings will not be accepted.

Please make sure water views have straight horizons

We will not consider
Nudity WHATSOEVER (even statues) or anything with a safe filter
Images depicting violence/death
Babies/children/family photos/portraits
No iPhone, iPad covers or clothing as the default view
Political or Religious quotes or unnecessary writing on images
Composite images – please don’t add bits to your image in an effort to enhance it

All images accepted or rejected at moderator’s discretion and is final
By submitting work to this group you are allowing the hosts to use your images as group avatars.
Hosts will not feature their own works