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Language Imagery

Photography showing a single letter as the artwork

Recent Work

  • Silhouette Structure by phil decocco
  • varsity color by A.R. Williams
  • "Z" Gate by mnkreations
  • Yogi's Road Sign by phil decocco
  • Cerulean [Print and iPhone / iPod Case] by Damienne Bingham
  • Peering Through A Stained Glass Church Window by julieapearce
  • Pull me.......I DARE you....... by Den McKervey
  • Celtic Knot Kaleidoscope by Den McKervey
  • Solitary [Print and iPhone / iPad / iPod Case] by Damienne Bingham
  • The Curious Carnivorous Creature  by Michael John
  • Savannah "A" by Ellen  Hagan

About This Group

What we’re looking for, a single photo that depicts a letter from the ALPHABET ( English) alphabet.

For example, see the group photo: The Snail. His antennas make the shape of the letter “X.” This is predominate.

Example: Imagine the handle of a door, the shape has the shape of the letter “J” or “S”, this is what we want to see.

These are the types of images we’re looking for. Things you will find in nature, things you will find in houses, buildings, trees, fences, etc. that form a SINGLE LETTER.

It is not obligatory to write the letter in the title of the image, you can explain this in the description.

IF YOU HAVE TO WRITE WHAT THE LETTER IS SO THAT THE VIEW KNOWS IT, THIS IS “NOT” WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR. Just remember, the image should resemble a letter of the alphabet.

What we are NOT looking for:
Letters from a STOP sign.
Letters from a BILLBOARD advertisement.

This group follows and respects all REDBUBBLE rules.

Please show only work you are seriously proud of!

See the group rules and join this group here