Landscape Photography 3 per day

A group just for landscape photography.

Recent Work

  • CALM BEFORE THE STORM by Sandy Stewart
  • Sunset With My Girls by Jamie Cameron
  • The Green Place by rosaliemcm
  • Sea, Sky & Sand by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Rocks - Tolsta Beach - Western Isles by MidnightMelody
  • Figure 8 by Malik Jayawardena
  • Red Morning by robcaddy
  • Sugarloaf Mountain by debidabble
  • Ancient Water by Sandra Anderson
  • Tasmania...........North West Coast by Imi Koetz
  • Summer sunrise in b&w by CarlaSophia
  • Sentinels by Tom Gomez

About This Group

Only photographs of landscapes will be accepted

Only 3 images per day per person please.

This group is for landscape photography only

For the purpose of this group the definition will include urban landscapes, city views, sea views but not sky views.
Images may have individual objects included such as trees, rocks, people, plants and buildings however these objects must not be the primary focus of the image.

Any image requiring a safety filter will not be accepted into the group

Not accepted are the following:
No closeups/macro/portraits of people.
Sloping horizons
Photos where the sky is the main focus
Images that are out of focus
Images that are highly overexposed or underexposed
Composite images (made of two or more images)
Images that are over photo-shopped or otherwise manipulated to the extent that in the opinion of the moderator the image no longer looks natural
Images that have borders/creative edges or text. (Signatures are the only form of text accepted)


Avatar challenge – joint winners

Magical Light – the three trees in the grass field by Imi Koetz

Above Diamond Head by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon


No Water ~ Challenge

Angelika Vogel


Waterfall Challenge

Kevin McGennan


Serene Scene



A Road through a Village or Town

Al Bourassa

Harbour at Low Tide Challenge

Claire Aberle


Avatar Challenge

Kevin McGennan


River, Shore, Hills Joint Winners

Randy Richards


Mike Griffiths


From the Air



Mountains for Avatar



Let it Snow Joint Winners

Angelika Vogel



imi Koetz



Martin Lawrence


Mirror Reflections

Roddy Atkinson

Distant Hills

Dennis Wetherley

Coastline challenge – joint winners

Magic Light
by Nuno Pires

The Great Australian Bight.
by salsbells69


Avatar Challenge – Joint Winners

African Painted Tree
by Marylou Badeaux

The perfect farm
by MarthaBurns




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Winners 2013

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