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Landscape and Abstract Photography

This group is mainly about finding what is in the world. Abstract is a great way to take photos if your stuck in your apartment. Or if you are the type that travels try landscapes.

Recent Work

  • Breaking Waves by Cynthia48
  • Cut River Bridge by Theodore Black
  • Aah, autumn... by Roz McQuillan
  • Winter season railroad sunset | landscape photography by Patrick Jobst
  • *Looking out at Autumn  - Daylesford, Vic, Australia* by EdsMum
  • coeur de figue by yvesrossetti
  • Tasmanian Wilderness by Michael Treloar
  • Buzzard on the Cross.....creepy by AlixCollins
  • Country Church-with a BUZZARD on the Steeple by AlixCollins
  • Above the Clouds by Susan Dost
  • black rock, coral beach by codaimages
  • Pedralva 6968 by João Castro

About This Group

This group is for bringing the two greatest sources of photography together. Landscape and Abstract.

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