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Landscape and Abstract Photography

This group is mainly about finding what is in the world. Abstract is a great way to take photos if your stuck in your apartment. Or if you are the type that travels try landscapes.

Recent Work

  • Stingray, Reef Sharks and Coral Reef - Moorea Island by Honor Kyne
  • Looking Down From Arch de Triumph by Randy Sprout
  • The City of Durham, Northern England. 23rd April 2014 by Ian Alex Blease
  • The main road in Nimborio by Tom Gomez
  • Guardian Of The Sea by Lanis Rossi
  • Bluebells in Oxey Wood by Nick Atkin
  • Intrepid survivors by Linda Sparks
  • White Sands pastels by Linda Sparks
  • Volo Bog Lily Pond by Roger Passman
  • Lake Hume Recollections - Lake Hume NSW/Victoria by Philip Johnson
  • Something Red and Blue by Margaret Stevens
  • Sunset at Deep Creek by indiafrank

About This Group

This group is for bringing the two greatest sources of photography together. Landscape and Abstract.

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