Landscape and Abstract Photography

This group is mainly about finding what is in the world. Abstract is a great way to take photos if your stuck in your apartment. Or if you are the type that travels try landscapes.

Recent Work

  • Dawn Calm at Foyle Marina - Rectangular by George Row
  • The Bluff. by Elisabeth Thorn
  • through the wood by MarianBendeth
  • Hello Sunrise by Candy Gemmill
  • Sunset Clouds From Above by David Lamb
  • Village skyline in twilight | landscape photography by Patrick Jobst
  • Down at the beach... by Peter Doré
  • tree in the forest by spetenfia
  • Dying Light by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Soft Petals by Marylou Badeaux
  • The Gower Peninsula. by Elisabeth Thorn
  • Victoria Falls from the Air by Marylou Badeaux

About This Group

This group is for bringing the two greatest sources of photography together. Landscape and Abstract.

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