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Light up My Life (all about lights and lamps) - 2 per day - NO sunsets, NO sky shots, NO sun or moon shots

Group Rules:

Two uploads per day.
By entering work into the group, the artist gives permission for the hosts to use that image for challenge icon etc within the group, without further request – if you do not wish this to happen, please do not enter it into the group.

What will be Accepted
Any Lamp where it is the main focus of the image
Lamposts where they are the main focus of the image
Lighthouse Light/lamp not just the lighthouse building
Artwork depicting a Lamp as the main focus
Night scenes full of lights – not distance shots

What will NOT be accepted
Distant views of lighthouses
Distant views of lights
Sunsets with no lamps or lights visible
Moonlight with no lamps or lights visible
A lit person or area but the lamp is not visible
Lamps that are in the background to a main feature
Anything that needs a safe filter
Sunsets, sunrises, sun peeking out from clouds – any sky shots that do not show a lamp or light (other than the sun, moon or stars)
Writing on images

Please contact the hosts if you have any questions regarding the suitability of an image for the group. Thanks.

CHALLENGE RULES: You must be enter your work into the group BEFORE entering a challenge. Work that is not in the group will be removed from group challenges to be fair to our members.