Light up My Life (all about lights and lamps) - 2 per day - NO sunsets, NO sky shots, NO sun or moon shots

Lamps and more Lamps


  • After The Laundry Room Fire by Michael May
  • lax 3 by Bruce  Dickson
  • The dark and the light by brilightning
  • Looking UP at the Taj by ctheworld
  • Light stick by Cecily  Graham
  • Cape Shank 2 by Andrew Wilson
  • Lisbon sunset by terezadelpilar~ art & architecture
  • Shine a Light by RC deWinter
  • Old Light Fixture on Church by Martha Sherman
  • Lighthouse | Fire Island, New York by © Sophie W. Smith
  • More Curves than Marilyn by Linda Bianic
  • glass mosaic by Bruce  Dickson
  • Hong kong Harbour Blue Night by mikequigley
  • Along the Dock    ^ by ctheworld
  • Lantern | Upper Brookville, New York by © Sophie W. Smith
  •  Vintage Mirror & Lamp  by © Sophie W. Smith
  • Streetlight by ©The Creative  Minds