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New Featured Member in LUML Group

kalaryder kalaryder 15725 posts

Congratulations to our newest permanent featured member : Lucinda Walter portfolio here

Lucinda was chosen by your hosts for her consistency in taking part in the forums and group messages and for her encouragement of the other members in this group.

Here are a few of her images from her portfolio which you may not have seen

Sandstone Wave ~ Black & White
by Lucinda Walter

The Bowl
by Lucinda Walter

Just an Apple
by Lucinda Walter

Time to Relax . . .
by Lucinda Walter

DEGS14 DEGS14 207 posts

Congratulations Lucinda!! What an honor!!! Very well deserved though!! Congrats again!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8747 posts

WOW!!! I’m thrilled & very honored! Thank you very much!!!

Caitlin Dickman Caitlin Dickman 270 posts

Congratulations Lucinda!! :D