Light up My Life (all about lights and lamps) - 2 per day - NO sunsets, NO sky shots, NO sun or moon shots

Lamps and more Lamps

Recent Work

  • Night Life In Llangollen by lezvee
  • Rusty But Still Ornate by Martha Sherman
  • You're the Light of my Life by Gilberte
  • The Word By Candle Light by Diane Arndt
  • City Hall Courtyard  Philadelphia  PA  USA by MotherNature
  • Steampunk - Allis does all the work by Mike  Savad
  • Light and Lines - Blue by metriognome
  • Hanging Out by metriognome
  • New Year fountain colours by indiafrank
  • Museum Mood  by debidabble
  • All Lit Up............Lyme Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • A Most Extraordinary Candle by Yampimon

About This Group

This group is for Lamps, little lamps, big lamps, streetlamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, lit lamps, electric lamps, old lamps, new lamps, single lamps, multiple lamps……………………..lamps, lamps and nothing but lamps. We now accept candles.

See Group criteria before joining please.
PLEASE read the rules for what is accepted and what isn’t

Lamp/s must be the MAJOR FOCUS of the picture in street or architectural shots please.
NO SUNSETS – we love them but there are other groups more appropriate for them. this group is for LAMPS and LIGHTS

So get out there and find all those lamps just hanging around waiting to have photos taken

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PLEASE NOTE: any glitter or animated graphics posted or used by the hosts are from Photobucket and uses a link back to the original image. No image is represented as being created or owned by the hosts.

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