Lake Superior Artists - Ontario, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin ( limit 3 per day)


Recent Work

  • I Love Poppies by Thomas Young
  • Artistic Hibiscus 2015-1 by Thomas Young
  • The Great American Bald Eagle 2016-11 by Thomas Young
  • Peterson Mill 2016-1 by Thomas Young
  • Neys Park by Douglas Hunt
  • The Great American Bald Eagle 2016-10 by Thomas Young
  • The Great American Bald Eagle 2016-9 by Thomas Young
  • Prairie Chicken 2013-14 by Thomas Young
  • Eagle Triptych 2016-2 by Thomas Young
  • Early Morning - Ottawa, ON Canada by Shulie1
  • The Great American Bald Eagle 2016-8 by Thomas Young
  • Prairie Chickens 2013-1 by Thomas Young

About This Group

Artists of North West Ontario from Thunderbay to Sault Ste Marie – to
Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin who live in the proximity of Lake Superior.
Fine Art, Sculptors, Photographers and Graphic Artists and experimental art

Subject matter does not have to be ‘of Lake Superior’ – you only need to reside
around this immense Lake in one of the states or provinces – please be tasteful in your submissions !!!!

*The art you submit can be of any subject matter and doesn’t have to focus on Lake Superior itself. This group is about promoting the artists in the area and not art about the area. Please be sure to submit high quality art that you would be proud to sell and not just snapshots from around your life…now if they’re high quality snapshots that’s different. We want to try to form a network ‘circle tour’ of artist around our beautiful puddle

We welcome Fine art, experimental photography, serious photography ect. Any questions please email us!

*There will be an unlimited amount of artworks that can be submitted but we ask that you submit no more than 3 per day. * We want everyone to get a fair chance at promoting and showing off their work.
Occasionally we will go back and take out older works to keep the images current. ;-)

See the group rules and join this group here

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