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'The Meeting of Two Minds' Challenge....

This challenge closed about 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Ok people…let’s have a seriously GOOD challenge!!!!

Here we go….

In this challenge you must:

1. Collaborate with another artist in the ‘Ladies Auxiliary’ Group.

2. The artist that you collaborate with must NOT be in the same artistic field as you (for example: photog collabs with a painter…painter collabs with a writer, etc etc) If you are an artist that works in several artistic fields, this is fine!! Just make sure whatever field you decide to ‘use’ is not the same as the other artist you are collaborating with!

3. Combined works with artists (you may already have!) can be NEW OR OLD, as long as the 2 rules above are adhered to ;)

4. Works that are used to collaborate with do NOT have to already be in The Ladies Auxiliary group!!! They can be brand spanking new!!! ;D

Final works must be of highest quality (of course!)

And please add as much info as you can to your submission so voters can see how you’ve created your masterpiece and who with!!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for what you like!!! :)

Rewards & Prizes

Featured in Ladies Auxiliary Group and flaunted on Facebook :)
Blogged about by Miss Helen too!!!

Additional Information

Any questions, mail me!!! Good luck!!!

Cover Image: Memories (Collaboration with Scott Robinson) by Belinda Leopold


The Top Ten

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