Kid Power!

Empowering children through art and creativity and inspiring them to greatness

Recent Work

  • Sweet Taylor by Rachels  Reflections
  • Super Alphabet back cover by Mike Cressy
  • How to prepare Strawberry Milk Shake (8063  Views) by aldona
  • Watch Me Grow: Tree 1-12 by LTDesignStudio
  • Introducing the letter "Yot" by Mike Cressy
  • Flying elephant-handmade by Heidi Wolfenden by Heidi Wolfenden
  • jump! by rainbowvortex
  • secret diary by gudiashankar
  • No 1 to Turn 2 by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Deep Thoughts by LTDesignStudio
  • My friend Skully by Mike Cressy
  • Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll by LTDesignStudio

About This Group

The children are our future. Let’s celebrate them, encourage them and have fun with them along the way. This group will be dedicated to celebrating artwork and stories by children and also for children…a place for inspiring images and writings intended to help boost confidence and further inspire children to create. This is a place for parents & care-givers, teachers and friends to post helpful journals, art and writing with the intention of perpetuating a spirit of creative empowerment.

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