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Architecture - The British Isles - Accurate Location Required.

Group Rules:

Your image can be of any architecture interior or exterior in the British Isles.

You must list where the image was taken and the building.

We would like to see a broad range of architecture from derelict buildings to the most majestic.

Decent Quality Images only please – no mobile phone images or snapshots.

This group will accept

  1. Photographs only
  2. Interior Images
  3. Exterior Images
  4. Landscapes Images that include a distinct building / structure.
  5. Single images only

The group will NOT accept

  1. Nudes
  2. Children
  3. Landscapes without buildings or without distinctive architectural merit.
  4. Text on images
  5. People in the image unless they are plainly unavoidable.
  6. Montages or multiple images
  7. Out of focus images
  8. Snapshots or mobile phone images
  9. Images of models of buildings
  10. Images WITHOUT location in name or description

There are no limits on posting images

If your not sure whether is suits post anyway and we will let you know the outcome.

Please note that your images may be used within the group to promote challenges, or may be used as an avatar for the group.