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Kanawinka Geopark Art

A group showcasing Artworks abut the Kanawinka Geo Park in Australia.

The Kanawinka Geopark Facebook page needs photos!

Gareth Colliton Gareth Colliton 5 posts

We’ve just set up the Kanawinka Global Geopark Facebook page and it’s looking a bit drab. I’m not sure if it’s as easy as just sharing your images to that page, but I’d love to see some of you join that group and add a bit of colour to it! It’s also going to be a good spot to check in to find out about upcoming events within the Geopark. Several other Aspiring Geoparks around Australia are in the application stages, and there are now 66 around the globe, so chances are you’ll be living near one soon if you aren’t already!