Capturing the Decisive Moment

50 Classic Moments Captured

Larry  Grayam Larry Grayam 1203 posts

For those of us interested in capturing that one instant when a photograph tells the story, the Cretique gallery has compiled the 50 classic examples of the decisive moment in photography. with examples from Eugene Smith, Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eddia Adams and Joe Rosenthal among others.

Nicoletté Thain Photography Nicoletté Thai... 633 posts

just had a look Larry, I really love the classic B&W! And it’s a testament to how worthwhile it is to ALWAYS carry your camera because you just never know! thanks for sharing =)

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1575 posts

What a great collection, thanks for the link, Larry! I went through them all, and bookmarked the site so I can come back later to see them all again!