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  • Vikki Shedden Photography

    WHAT COULD YOU SAY OF THE HORSE ? by Vikki Shedden ...

    If they say that a dog is man’s best friend – then what could you say of the horse?

    483 words
  • LoveWitness

    My unfailing star by LoveWitness

    I want to believe in you
    When everything around me says don’t
    I want to believe that you are the star
    That is still shining brightly
    Even when the light of the world blinds me
    From the true brilliance o…

    114 words
  • Ken McElroy

    Galloping Bareback by Ken McElroy

    Everything is risked
    just to remain a tenuous piece
    of this natural torrent

    41 words
  • LoveWitness

    The good player by LoveWitness

    Like a breeze
    Like wind
    You play
    My heart
    Like chimes…

    You are a skillful musician
    In your hands
    I am the finest instrument
    I make melodies
    I never knew

    You carry me
    Like I were the only one
    Of my kind
    Like no

    84 words
  • LoveWitness

    Awake by LoveWitness

    Awake to joy
    Awake and live
    There is too much death
    Much to do
    Much to do
    All the doing
    is full of

    Come and live
    There is much to do

    © siki dlanga
    18 Oct 2011

    42 words
  • LoveWitness

    African Story by LoveWitness

    The sun never goes down without her song
    The fire is lit by the rhythm of her dance
    In her lips are a million stories
    Each one captivating
    Stories of heartbreak
    Stories of trauma
    Stories of salvation

    159 words
  • LoveWitness

    The Truth by LoveWitness

    Here is truth
    I could tell you
    That I am secure
    I could tell you
    That I can fly
    I could tell you
    That I know how this will go…

    He is the truth
    I am a little insecure
    I feel like I am about to fly
    Yet I do no

    140 words
  • LoveWitness

    This Is Why I Love Him by LoveWitness

    He turned my water into wine
    He turned my damnation into redemption…

    He turned the grave upside down
    He is my Resurrection
    He made a soldier out of a dead man
    He made an army out of dry bones

    He took my

    139 words
  • LoveWitness

    Looking into You by LoveWitness

    I am most beautiful
    When I am gazing
    Into Your sun-like Face…

    I see me clearer
    As I look intently
    Into Your eyes of fire
    As lies burnaway from my head

    I am most beautiful
    Under Your gaze
    I am most perfect

    87 words
  • LoveWitness

    Fall wildly into love by LoveWitness

    Be fearless
    Like running to the waves
    On a warm summer’s day…

    Do not think too deeply
    Play in the waters
    When you are tired
    Dry out on the sand
    Let love’s wave calm you

    Then return
    Into the depths of the oce

    114 words
  • LoveWitness

    September amber by LoveWitness

    It was in the way that you
    Glanced at me
    It was in the trickles of
    Shy smiles you
    Poured from your face
    It was in the way of your
    Undecided counternance
    That had me
    Looking twice
    Are you bright?
    Are you un…

    110 words
  • Graham Mewburn

    Caffeine Fights Cancer by Graham Mewburn

    Epidemiological studies have shown that drinking caffeinated beverages reduces one’s chances of developing some types of cancer

    90 words
  • LoveWitness

    Defining Kindness by LoveWitness

    If I were to put kindness into words;
    I would have to first take you to heaven.
    I would request a bottle of love from God,
    In fact a scoop of water from heaven would be enough.
    I would rest you on a tend…

    78 words
  • LoveWitness

    Hold me by LoveWitness

    Arms wrapped around his head
    Hold me
    With eyes looking for salvation
    She quivered again
    Hold me
    Like you hold your breathe
    When you don’t want to drown.
    Hold me


    Because I feel alive in your

    82 words
  • LoveWitness

    Lifted faces by LoveWitness

    Faces lift up
    Depression forbidden
    As rays wash the souls
    That behold the light
    Good news brought by the sun
    Breaking clouds
    Silencing the weight
    Of their gathered darkness…

    Faces lit up
    Oppression is forgot

    74 words
  • LoveWitness

    Fields of words by LoveWitness

    Words written in code
    Sown in fields of parables
    Who is to understand?
    Those who treasure the seeds
    Sown in fields of parables
    Those who sell all they have
    To watch them become a harvest
    Who will call frien…

    102 words
  • LoveWitness

    She is a Mother by LoveWitness

    She rocks me to sleep
    She rocks me till I sleep
    She hushes me
    Holding me
    In her bosom
    Telling me to be

    Can I be strong
    Like her?
    Can I raise children
    By myself
    Like her?

    She rocks me to sleep
    She hushes

    288 words