Just Pure Nature


  • Maree Clarkson

    Feathers appear when angels are near by Maree Clarkson

    A Dandelion flower and a feather in my garden, Tarlton (Gauteng, South Africa)

    The internet is full of “when you find a feather, what does it mean?” I read up on some of these and the overall conclus…

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  • Miles Moody

    The Rock of Ages by Miles Moody

    …she slipped ever deeper into the darkness of the expanding crack. “Even the sun has deserted me,” she cried. “I have only the stark cold light of the moon to comfort me in my despair.”

    1607 words
  • roggcar

    SPACE ! by roggcar

    Have you ever wondered about space and I don’t mean space here on Earth.

    I mean up there in space.

    Does it travel for trillions of trillions of trillions of miles even more than we can count?

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  • Charldia

    Mighty Ocean by Charldia

    Some days some places I gaze upon
    your emerald beauty as the sun dances on your surface.
    Other days other places I get lost
    in your sapphire blue crystal tranquility.
    I’m drawn into your power, st…

    138 words
  • Maree Clarkson

    Orb-web Spiderling by Maree Clarkson

    Tue, 4 August 2015

    The spider’s touch, how exquisitely fine!
    Feels at each thread, and lives along the line.

    ~Alexander Pope


    I was SO excited this morning – discovered an Orb-web spider…

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  • roggcar

    Children Playing by roggcar

    But what’s the use of dreaming,
    As I watch the children play,
    They have the whole future,
    To do what they have to do.

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  • Maree Clarkson

    Farm talk - Dragonfly - flighty, carefree by Maree Clarkson

    This Dragonfly (Odonata – Green Darner, Anax junius – Common Green Darner) has donned her Spring finery, a bright blue, lacy little bra! Caught her getting a bit of a suntan on the rocks…

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  • Emily Perry

    Mermaid by Emily Perry

    On water’s edge she pauses
    Transcends all thought and form
    In heavens arms she wavers
    Before the brink of dawn
    This woman of the ocean
    Who knows no thought but this
    The cool, the clear, the sea foam
    The rol…

    90 words
  • LisaBeth

    Outside by LisaBeth

    It was still a bit wet on the ground.. the sun shining through…………I didnt got the chance to see him.Yet my beautiful dress played out and got dirty later on.

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  • LisaBeth

    a stranger's hand-ever lost your orientation? by LisaBeth

    She was gone, or i was gone running….? finally back home….? or where….. I dont know. What i do clearly remember is that was a soft, white beautiful, Marria like hand touched me.

    384 words
  • Charldia

    Weeping Willow by Charldia

    Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
    Why do your branches bend low?
    Is it true you cry, when someone dies
    That is a poor, lost, tortured soul?

    Why do you weep, lovely Willow?
    Why do your branches hang down…

    206 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    The First Cut by Andrew Bailey

    Sarah wrinkled her nose and, under her breath, cursed her keen sense of smell. That faint tang of oranges is all it needed! How long had it been since she and Jerry had first meet? Ten years? More? H…

    1720 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    The Old Man In The PaRK by Andrew Bailey

    I sat by myself in the park one day,
    watching the world go by,
    and an old man came to sit down beside me
    uttering a mourning sigh.

    What’s the matter, old fellow? I asked with a smile.
    He turned and…

    270 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    Loves Rigour by Andrew Bailey

    The paths of love are ever long,
    beset with all the traps
    which make a weary heart.
    So, lady, dancing in my dreams
    and forever present in my daily thoughts,
    do you know how much I love you?
    But then, how…

    118 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    A Paean To Rekindled Love by Andrew Bailey

    You have not changed since I first met you
    all those years ago.
    And, lady, now we meet again
    when life has dealt us both so many blows.
    And I am filled with warm delight to know
    that time has not dimin…

    118 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    Childhood Remembered by Andrew Bailey

    In a woody glade, by a field of ripening corn,
    A young boy lay, lost in thought and dreaming.
    A midday sky of mid-summer blue warmed his face
    and as he lay, he watched a cloud, a lonely cloud,
    puff-ball …

    285 words
  • LauraBroussard

    Her Wild, Dirty Heart by LauraBroussard

    She was so used
    to doing things
    on her own.

    Such a dusty day…….
    putting the stallions away….
    in the corral.

    The sun was setting.
    She was ready for
    that pot of
    campfire coffee.

    in …

    67 words
  • LauraBroussard

    Dead Leaves by LauraBroussard

    Oh, dead leaves,
    what beauty you still have.
    Your golden, reddish, and brown hues.

    Once perched to the veins
    of your mother……..
    gently falling
    to love another.

    Your dead decay

    72 words