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weetman weetman 9 posts

Can we have Banners for winners and runner up’s.

May be we could have a Banner Challenge?

Edge-of-dreams Edge-of-dreams 507 posts


To the hosts of this wonderful group – please can we have banners when our work is featured and also a banner when we win a challenge. All the other groups that I know of do this. It gives the artist great pride to see a banner placed beneath their work.

Thank you kindly and we really do appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into making this group the success that it is.

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1573 posts

Let me represent the lone dissenting voice… much as I am excited with a feature or top ten placement, I do not like banners! I think they just distract from the image itself. A comment or message is just as good to let one know about placement.

Detlef Becher Detlef Becher 186 posts

A banner would be nice, or at least a congratulating comment!

Christine  Chaney Christine Chaney 7 posts

I agree. maybe i miss placed my comment, but some recognition for the top 10 would be very nice and a plesent thing to share

Emily  Redfern Emily Redfern 83 posts

Hey everyone
Just to let everybody know. we do actually send an email out to the winner of the challenge.
I have spoken to annierose about the banners and we both agreed that we’re not going to put banners up but…. we will have a forum for each challenge (for the next challenge on) with a congratualtions to the top 10 (All names will be mentioned).
I am very sorry if some people don’t think that is enough, but thats the way we’re going to do it from now on.
Emily and Annierose.