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JUST FUN (Two a day please))

Everything and nothing that is FUN.

JUST FUN Features of Thursday the 19th!!!

Anthony McCracken Anthony McCracken 298 posts

CONGRATS to the featured artists of JUST FUN!!!

"Centered" – Fractal Art
by Leah McNeir

A New Garden for Sara – Good Day Sunshine
by Marsha Free

Ocean Creatures: Equine of the Sea
by Bunny Clarke

The Beauty Of Rain Drops
by Joy Watson

My Alpha
by anna53

Trump Tower Toronto Canada
by Brian Carson

Dropletts part ii
by Mudgers

Music of the Cosmos
by RC deWinter

Sunset over Big Pond
by Ian Berry

by © Janis Zroback

Pearl's Castle
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Liberty Fireworks
by depsn1

Joy Watson Joy Watson 414 posts

Wonderful selection. Thanks for including my work in this collection.

© Janis Zroback © Janis Zroback 6816 posts

Thank you so much and congratulations to all featured artists…

Marsha Free Marsha Free 276 posts

Thank you for including my work in this awesome group! Congrats to all featured artists!

RC deWinter RC deWinter 510 posts

Great collection, Anthony, thanks for including my celestial trumpet and congratulations to all featured.

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2242 posts

Thank you for including my work with this fabulous selection of works. Congratulations to all the featured artists. :o)

RobynLee RobynLee 929 posts

Great Selection,Anthony(as always;-) Congratulations To All Featured!

wormink wormink 1995 posts

congrats to all enjoy and create

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2707 posts