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pick of the day - peace

dedmanshootn dedmanshootn 1464 posts

these aren’t exactly the “classic” peace doves but they’re
so beautiful they’re certainly close enough for jazz i think!
i hope everyone has a holiday season filled with great peace,
love and joy and don’t forget to have great FUN too!

Rooiborsduifies / Laughing doves
by Elizabeth Kendall

Navigator Navigator 39 posts

Oh, my! Thank you so much for posting this one! What an awesomely beautiful capture! You made my whole day!

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2317 posts

Thanks very much Dave for featuring my lauging doves here! I feel very honoured! And thanks Navigator, wonderful to know you enjoyed this pic so much!
Merry Christmas to both of you and to all the hosts and members of Just FUN.

wormink wormink 2038 posts

very well we jazz and blues people say close enough for classical enjoy and create

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1588 posts


dedmanshootn dedmanshootn 1464 posts

hope everyone’s holiday has been even half so GRAND and peaceful as mine