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JUST FUN (Two a day please))

Everything and nothing that is FUN.

pick of the day - mid week madness!

dedmanshootn dedmanshootn 1431 posts

well not madness exactly. really creative and fun
parody/homage is more like. this was an instant fav
with me and i hope it is for you too.

the dark side of mind
by Riko2us

bonus pink floyd music and really cool video for fun

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2202 posts


Riko2us Riko2us 24 posts

i’m so glad you picked it !

dedmanshootn dedmanshootn 1431 posts

it was my pleasure for sure Riko2us. i hope you’ll enjoy some of the other picks of the day also

kalaryder kalaryder 14844 posts

Great pick, enjoyed the video too

Ana Belaj Ana Belaj 6552 posts

Great pick, enjoyed the video too