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Wonderful Wednesday Features! September 7, 2011

Chelei Chelei 446 posts

Wow! So many beautiful works to choose from – I may have to do some more later!! (wink, wink)
Hope you enjoy these today!

Butterfly Wing by Vigor

Cooking Cajun by CarmenHolly

Sunset and Reflection by Evelyn Mc

The Dusk Tree by Beth Wade

Landscape….The Journey…..Out there… by Janis Zroback

Montreal – Night Rain by Jean-Luc Rollier

The Serious Side by Neal Ehlers

Kate at the Picture Lounge by D Byrne

Dream Keepers Hideaway by Robin Webster

Give it your all – Siltcoos River by James and Patricia Harkins

The Blossoms of Spring are Fleeting by Linda Lees

Serenity Cove by Angie Davies

Please remember to congratulate our artists! Here is a link to the front page where you can congratulate each individually! Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

karina5 karina5 376 posts

Congrats to all the featured. All your images are really stunning. Karin

RichardKlos RichardKlos 857 posts

Excellent selections! Congrats to all fretured !

Shani Sohn Shani Sohn 1281 posts

Lovely choices. Congratulations to all the featured artists!

Rozalia Toth Rozalia Toth 212 posts

Congrats to all! Great choices, wonderful images! ☼

Mark Hughes Mark Hughes 974 posts

Splendid work, well done to all featured.

Jean-Luc Rollier Jean-Luc Rollier 45 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists!

AngieDavies AngieDavies 505 posts

What a beautiful gallery you have created to display all art! Thanks so much for including Serenity Cove with all these great works Chelei! Congrats to all featured artists!!!!

eoconnor eoconnor 2601 posts


vaggypar vaggypar 13903 posts

Nice Work .!!

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 5000 posts

Fabulous Features!…Congratulations to all of you!

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3823 posts

Just delightful up close and personal!! Congrats to all featured!

NVSphoto NVSphoto 47 posts

Wonderful work!! Congratulations to all that were featured!

Kay Clark Kay Clark 924 posts

Lovely work congratulations to all

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2689 posts


Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 600 posts

Fantastic works congrats to all.

virginian virginian 13934 posts

Congrats to all.