Just Comics

Group Rules:

This group is for sequential art ONLY. No art that is merely associated with comics or drawn in the comic style. Sequential art consists of a sequence of “panels” illustrating some form of narrative. Sequential art often uses captions and speech balloons to narrate or convey characters thoughts or speech. Single images or “splash pages” may be accepted only if they are accompanied by conventional panelled pages.

If you’re unsure whether your artwork is eligible then apply this quick rule of thumb: If it doesn’t look like a page out of any comic then it probably doesn’t belong in this group.

A quick word on copyright: If you don’t own the rights to the characters used in your work then it is illegal to offer them for sale. You can still submit your comic using licensed characters as long as it’s not for sale. Illegal use of intellectual property will not be accepted.

If you’re still unsure about the rules then just bubblemail one of the hosts and we’d be happy to explain them further.

Mike Lee