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* Just Butterflies *

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.


  • Majestic Monarch by Circe Lucas
  • Dreamy Garden Visitor by Gilda Axelrod
  • Brown Clipper...Parthenos sylvia by Poete100
  • Monarch Butterfly by Christina Rollo
  • Colors of Summer by autumnwind
  • Monarch Danaus Plexippus by Henrik Lehnerer
  • Here's lookin' at you, kid! by Rivendell7
  • Monarch Butterfly by Jean Martin
  • Butterfly Kisses - Speckled Wood Butterflies by Lepidoptera
  • Starbucks for wings by MarianBendeth
  • Forget Me Not by MagsWilliamson
  • Leapord Lacewing (Chloe) by Poete100
  • Laurel Sphinx Moth - Sphinx kalmiae by MotherNature2
  • Monarch Danaus Plexippus by Henrik Lehnerer
  • Common Buckeye Junonia Coenia by Henrik Lehnerer
  • Common Emigrant by Danish Sualeh
  • Malay Lacewing  by Poete100