Just Butterflies

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.


  • The T-Moth or Morning-glory Plume Moth (Emmelina monodactyla)  by AnnDixon
  • Pastel poppies by JBlaminsky
  • Bufaforats by jimmy hoffman
  • Death´s Head Hawk-moth caterpillar by jimmy hoffman
  • Peeking by MarianBendeth
  • Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly by Susan S. Kline
  • Monarch Butterfly by Christina Rollo
  • Orange Lacewing by Erik Schlogl
  • Regal Monarch by Susan S. Kline
  • Yellow female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail by Susan S. Kline
  • Sara Longwing, Peru by Erik Schlogl
  • Painted Lady, with border by Victoria Jostes
  • lift me up by LoreLeft27
  • Monarch And Blazing Star 2014-2 by Thomas Young
  • Auriana by jimmy hoffman
  • Blue Butterfly by Linda Gregory
  • Butterfly by Steve Small
  • Monarch On Swamp Milkweed 2014-2 by Thomas Young