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Happy New Year Features - Sunday January 6/2013

Lepidoptera Lepidoptera 320 posts

Dear Butterfly Lovers wish you A Happy New Year,

Its my pleasure to show you the first features of the New Year, just wonderful Butterflies to brighten your day.
Enjoy the Featured Gallery, as much I did to select twelve features between all the excellent Just Butterfly Art.

Congratulations to All Featured Artists and if your not in maybe next time it is your Sunny Day!

Wish you All a Happy New Year with Butterfly Kisses,

dilouise dilouise 138 posts

Hi Johanna, thanks for a beautiful selection of features, they’re all stunning. Congratulations to all the featured artists, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

MotherNature MotherNature 6349 posts

Thank you so much, Johanna, for including my image in with these talented artists and their lovely work. To the other featured artists – you’ve brought sunshine into my winter day:>) CONGRATULATIONS

dgrizzle dgrizzle 996 posts

Thank you so very much for including Lantana Lady in these gorgeous shots ;), very much appreciated. Beautiful works

MarianBendeth MarianBendeth 1606 posts

Happy New Year to you Johanna!
There is nothing more exquisite than looking at Butterflies in reality and second best, looking at quality photography of Nature’s Wonders!
Congrats to all and thank you for including mine.

ruth  jolly ruth jolly 18 posts

thanks they are all beautiful