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  • Lyndy

    Is there a thing? by Lyndy

    Is there a thing?
    Or a feeling
    Not held by
    A human being

    108 words
  • Charldia

    A World of Betrayal by Charldia

    Betrayal is a venomous serpent
    Coiled around a breaking heart
    Poised waiting to strike for the main attack
    To destroy a soul with that final lethal bite…

    You gave your heart, you gave your all
    To the lov

    606 words
  • Charldia

    The Siren's Song by Charldia

    The siren continued her deceptive tune
    Skillfully, purposely spinning her silky soft web
    Like mindless fools driven by lustful desires
    Uncaring if caught, willingly stayed tangled in her bed.

    213 words
  • Jacqueline Ison

    ptsd by Jacqueline Ison

    Lay quiet the sand storm
    of war-inflicted wounds
    churning about his feet

    146 words
  • Tammera

    MUSINGS ON THE ARTS by Tammera

    Too many individuals are made to feel embarrassed by their reactions if they are not readily acclaimed publicly

    329 words
  • montdragon

    the plainness of Jane by montdragon

    as you shed your skin to slither away…the plainness of Jane newly reborn

    442 words
  • AroonKalandy

    On one's Reading Habits........... by AroonKalandy

    I have been an Avid reader since I was a Kid this High.
    That has been my Hobby for so many years and even after I caught
    the Photography Bug , Reading always came first.

    420 words
  • biddumy

    A Guardian Angel With Kleenex by biddumy

    Glasgow people are the friendliest people in the world!

    515 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    The First Cut by Andrew Bailey

    Sarah wrinkled her nose and, under her breath, cursed her keen sense of smell. That faint tang of oranges is all it needed! How long had it been since she and Jerry had first meet? Ten years? More? H…

    1720 words
  • Charldia

    Fogged Mirrors by Charldia

    As we grow old, get a little slow, things change
    And it seems like our body gets rearranged
    Sags and bags are not meant to see
    So I try to avoid mirrors constantly.
    So before I shower, I turn the hot wat…

    138 words
  • Charldia

    As Told By the White Rose by Charldia

    I first bloomed in that garden so fair,
    With a sweet smelling fragrance and beauty rare.
    The perfect paradise created by God’s own hand
    Where animals and plants lived in perfect harmony with man.
    Eden’s …

    438 words
  • Corri Gryting Gutzman

    Contemplation by Corri Gryting ...

    Sometimes suffering in silence or going it alone accomplishes not as much as meeting in the middle…

    240 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    The Old Man In The PaRK by Andrew Bailey

    I sat by myself in the park one day,
    watching the world go by,
    and an old man came to sit down beside me
    uttering a mourning sigh.…

    What’s the matter, old fellow? I asked with a smile.
    He turned and start

    270 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    Loves Rigour by Andrew Bailey

    The paths of love are ever long,
    beset with all the traps
    which make a weary heart.
    So, lady, dancing in my dreams
    and forever present in my daily thoughts,
    do you know how much I love you?
    But then, how…

    118 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    A Paean To Rekindled Love by Andrew Bailey

    You have not changed since I first met you
    all those years ago.
    And, lady, now we meet again
    when life has dealt us both so many blows.
    And I am filled with warm delight to know
    that time has not dimin…

    118 words
  • Elizabeth Kendall

    My passie. by Elizabeth Kendall

    My woorde spat in goudgeel vreugdes
    teen ‘n wit doek vas
    of soms in donkerbuin en karmosyn,

    90 words
  • Andrew  Bailey

    Childhood Remembered by Andrew Bailey

    In a woody glade, by a field of ripening corn,
    A young boy lay, lost in thought and dreaming.
    A midday sky of mid-summer blue warmed his face
    and as he lay, he watched a cloud, a lonely cloud,
    puff-ball …

    285 words
  • biddumy

    THE COMEUPPANCE by biddumy

    Morning break at primary school should have been twenty minutes of light hearted time away from lessons. Instead, I was skulking in and out of the dark dank corridors with my best friend Rose. …

    2852 words