JPG Cast-Offs

JPG Magazine 'refugees' Group

  • The Wright Brothers.....The Next Generation by TeresaB
  • American Toad Crossing the Road. by Daniel Cadieux
  • Bear's splashing in the Water by Henry Jager
  • Tunnel Vision by Jessica Jenney
  • Freedom Rings by Carla Jensen
  • Layer Of Bark by David Piszczek
  • Gyrfalcon by TeresaB
  • Out on the Street by Mary Ann Reilly
  • Straight-ahead... (Summer edition) by Bob Daalder
  • Along the coastline by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Into the Mist - Common Loon by Jim Cumming
  • architectural # 12 - parallel black stripes by fabio piretti
  • Lashes by Diane Arndt
  • Clyde by Don Alexander Lumsden (Echo7)
  • Picnic at Mt WIlson NSW Australia by Bev Woodman
  • all the lies in the world couldn't save you by strawberries
  • Almost On Pointe by Sheri Bawtinheimer
  • Verdance by phil hemsley