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JPG Cast-Offs

JPG Magazine 'refugees' Group

Recent Work

  • Ozzie & Harriet by kathy s gillentine
  • Lovely Girl. by Vitta
  • Sparrow Guy by MoreKeala
  • Gummy bear by Susan Littlefield
  • Frankenstein by Susan Littlefield
  • Walk & Dots. by Vitta
  • I Love Vintage. by Vitta
  • Ashness Bridge - Lake District by eddiej
  • Port Arthur Hospital Building by TonyCrehan
  • Fluid Thinking by timpr
  • When I'm feeling Blue by Tarrby
  • Childhood Dreams - My Lady Fair Wore Roses in Her Hair by Bunny Clarke

About This Group

JPG Cast-offs wants your best, your favorite that you look at & say, “Yea! This rocks!”
Welcome to JPG Cast-offs
In early 2009, a small group of us gathered on RB when JPG Magazine announced it was closing-up shop. We needed a place to meet with our inspirational JPG contacts. JPG Magazine is back & lives on. Our little group here grew and grew far and wide to include many new artist friends.
We invite you to join us!

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