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FEATURES - from our current VOUCHER challenge - 'Your Most Popular Work'

Ell-on-Wheels Ell-on-Wheels 2028 posts

Hello All :-)

Features this week are based on entries received so far to our current challenge, Your all-time most POPULAR work … we’ve had a goodly amount of entries for our first ever challenge, so features as such will be presented in ‘parts’, to give everyone a fair share of the limelight :-)))

Without further ado, Part One:


Anticipating that we’ll have more entries before end of this week, we look forward to promoting another 12 “Challenge” Features then :-)))

Your hosts, Damienne and Ell


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miroslava miroslava 64 posts

stunning work, congratulations to all the artist !

Silvia Ganora Silvia Ganora 510 posts

Wow! Congrats to all the wonderful featured artists! Thanks a bunch for featuring one of mine too! :)

Arla M. Ruggles Arla M. Ruggles 693 posts

What a marvelous collection!
Honored to be shown among these great works!

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1145 posts

Awesome collection of images . . . congrats to all!

PtoVallartaMex PtoVallartaMex 325 posts

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Just great! Congrets!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4312 posts

Congrats to all and thank you for including Mad Hatters Tea Party :)) xx

Bernhard Matejka Bernhard Matejka 4276 posts

Congrats – hosts and artists!

Elizabeth Burton Elizabeth Burton 39 posts

Congrats to all…these are all so lovely!! Thank you for including one of mine in your features :)

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 8302 posts

I love the rich variety of beautiful images!

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4678 posts

Great work, congrats everyone!

aldona aldona 2158 posts

Lovely Congrats to all!

kevin  caldwell kevin caldwell 18 posts

thank you and i am honored to be placed with all these great artist

David Lamb David Lamb 57 posts

Thanks for including ‘Seedling’ amongst these truly beautiful works! It is an honor to be featured here. Congrats to everyone.