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The Art of Publicity, Marketing and Promotion

#1, First-Ever Features from the new and always-improving Applied Imagination! Jan. 27, 2012.

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

Welcome to the Inaugural Features of the new, exciting and always-improving group!

It’s been a while getting started but El and I have finally got our butts in gear and gotten this group going. I can already see some incredible work here and I so look forward to seeing what rolls in as this group grows! Remember, this group is about promoting yourselves: that means we are looking for all of your iPhone cases, Tees, Calendars, Prints, Journals – whatever products you want to promote. We want to see the best of the best, quality work that you think is worth buying!

Don’t forget to Check out our Group Rules so you know what’s what when promoting your work!

  • And remember guys, if you add the type of product into the title of your work, it makes it easier to find and that means more features from us and more hits from people surfing the net!

As Jerry Maguire said ‘Help me, help YOU’! We want to regularly feature your work and we will do that in ‘roster form’ – this time it’s iPhones, next time it’ll be a different product. Help us find and feature your work by labelling it correctly!

That’s all the housekeeping for now, guys. Thanks for taking an interest in this group – we can’t wait to see what you all come up with and hope you enjoy participating as much as we enjoy hosting!

Enough rambling, onto the good stuff!

Applied Imagination on iPhones!

by Fiery-Fire

by Janis Zroback

by Robin Brown

by Elizabeth Burton and Chris Cardwell

Don’t forget to give some love to the featured artists!
Big congrats to you guys, great work – thank you for sharing it with us!

robinbrown robinbrown 16 posts

Many thanks indeed folks, all your hard work is very much appreciated! iCant disguise my delight to be featured in your feature :o)

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

My pleasure Robin, you’ve got great stuff and I look forward to seeing more!

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Hehehe, I got lucky have nice four-in :))) and smiling ear to ear right now, the feature is lovely and Thank you again for making me a part of the very first one to be posted after the group re-vamp, means a lot !!
This really ROCKS and the new group looks AWESOME !!! Well done Damienne :)))

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

It’s such a pleasure, your work is really beautiful and it was easy to find because of your labelling. So thank you for sharing and I hope this exposure has the desired effect and helps to garner a little more interest in your work!