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A Quick Guide to Using Text in Your Images (locked)

Damienne Bingham Damienne Bingham 340 posts

Using text in your images

  • Text must enhance your image. e.g. placed on the front cover of a calendar – as a title page to explain the theme of the calendar.
  • Give as much thought to your text usage as you do to your image. i.e. Think about font, line and letter spacing, layout, colour etc.
    • Is it legible?
      • i.e. is it easy to recognize each and every letter of the font you’ve chosen?
    • Is it readable?
      • i.e does the text flow in a way that navigates the eye around your design and allows the message to be coherent and readable as a whole?
    • Does the style of typeface / layout / colour / wording etc. match the style of image and/or product you are creating?
      • Think about what you are trying to convey – message, mood, style – is it humourous or serious? Beautiful or aggressive?
      • Who is your audience? What is the best way to capture their attention?

Text must not be an afterthought. It must be an integral part of your design.

Some more information on typography and graphic design (care of Wikipedia).

These concepts also apply to general graphic design -

  • Think about the layout of your image/s, colour etc. How does your product present itself?
  • Is this a finished , professional looking product?

Some Handy Links

  • For a guide on how to format your RB messages (i.e. descriptions, forum posts etc.) RB’s Text Formatting Help It explains how to use bold , italics , underscores etc. and also how to make links.