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Open to Tshirt Designers, Illustrators and photographers, to post pieces showing culture, food, textiles, people, places, etc; of/or influenced by Japan.

Gods of Japan

thickblackoutline thickblackoutline 455 posts

This site is the greatest reference for all things spiritual in Japan I have ever come across.

It covers EVERYTHING, so much stuff I don’t even know where to start to tell you about it.

There are topics such as:

7 Lucky Gods
(plenty of) Buddha
Kitchen Gods (!!!)
Red Clothing
etc, etc

My advice is to scroll down a little, and have a look at the A-Z list!

GODS of Japan, A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhism

Tomoe Nakamura Tomoe Nakamura 82 posts

My boyfriend is crazy about taking pictures of zizos, and do the painting and printmaking out of it.
Zizo is a daity of travelers and dead children which is stood on the street.
I call it Street Buddha. My guy is Mexican and he name it, Bulitas. (small Buddha)