Open to Tshirt Designers, Illustrators and photographers, to post pieces showing culture, food, textiles, people, places, etc; of/or influenced by Japan.

  • Powder Puff Jasmine by Anita Inverarity
  • Loli assortment by Ivy Izzard
  • Japanese beauty by Melissa Pearson
  • le boudoir by ab-type
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse by Simone Maynard
  • Lantern by F.M. Gore-Kelly
  • First Sakura 2010 by Christophe Mespoulede
  • Spring Garden , Tokyo JAPAN by yoshiaki nagashima
  • Sushi-zume (Packed in Like Sushi) by Donn Pattenden
  • Japanese Warrior with Bo by kanjitee
  • Urbanese by Line Svendsen
  • Shibuya • Tokyo • Japan by William Bullimore
  • cybergoth by lucy beckett
  • Sunday in Yoyogi Park by superpope
  • tokyo tower by nahomiyoshizawa
  • Glace in color by Wieslaw Borkowski Jr.
  • mikoto's Geishas by mikoto
  • The Yoga Teacher by Roz McQuillan