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Islamic Beauty

We want to share the BEAUTY of ISLAM, not the usual negative view...

Recent Work

  • Mosque of the Swordbearer by Nigel Fletcher-Jones
  • Dome of the Rock by Yair Karelic
  • Dome of the Rock by Yair Karelic
  • Al Ghuri Dome by Nigel Fletcher-Jones
  • Arabic Letter-Nun by Tahir Chaudhry
  • Madrassa Ibrahimo by Tim Cowley
  • Little Muslim Girl by Tim Cowley
  • Brush Stroke-Arabic Letter bā’ ◆ ب by Tahir Chaudhry
  • Brush Stroke-Arabic Letter tā’’ ◆ ت by Tahir Chaudhry
  • Brush Stroke-Arabic Letter ṭā’ ◆ ط by Tahir Chaudhry
  • Abu Haggag Mosque And Luxor Temple by Nigel Fletcher-Jones
  • A minaret by rasim1

About This Group

Please submit your photography, art, clothing designs or writing, which shows the true beauty of Islam. We want to show the world about OUR beautiful religion of Islam….so please only submit Islamic things. Please do not submit things about Christianity or Buddhism etc etc…because they will be deleted. This group is not for that. We hope to help people learn and steer clear of the stereo-types that are out there. We do, as Muslims, respect all religions….so please also respect ours…thanks in advance. Jazak Alkhair.
Salamu alaykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakatuhu.

Enjoy your stay…..

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