Iron Horses Old and New

Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives of the World


  • Shunting passenger train Hamburg 19610412 0050  by Fred Mitchell
  • VR Special Heathcote Climb 19750700 0012 by Fred Mitchell
  • viaduct............ by macfotography
  • " The most Picturesque rail trip in the UK" by Malcolm Chant
  • The Watercress Line by Stephen Liptrot
  • I hear the sound,,In a metal way..I feel the power..Loud as it can be..Metal Daze by jammingene
  • Steam engines Greymouth NZ 19650309 0099  by Fred Mitchell
  • Diesel train coming into Ballarat station_  19800500 0036 by Fred Mitchell
  • The Climb by Paul Dean
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly by Paul Dean
  • Port of Par Twins, Alfred and Judy by Stephen Liptrot
  • Excursion train coming into Wodonga Railway station 19810300 0006 by Fred Mitchell
  • Excursion train at Wodonga Railway station 19810300 0037 by Fred Mitchell
  • German steam locomotive 19610412 0020 by Fred Mitchell
  • damp............. by macfotography
  • Steam engines Greymouth NZ (Feature Smoke Photog) 196503090099 by Fred Mitchell
  • Ride the Metal Monster...Closing in with vengeance soaring high...Blasting bolts of steel..Evils going under deadly wheels...Painkiller by jammingene
  • Penscynor Halt by Richard Picton