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Iron Horses Old and New

Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives of the World

  • The 621 (Duke of Edinburgh) by Alison Murphy
  • 207 Steam Engine at Victor Harbour Station by Alison Murphy
  • Mid-Hants Railway by Steve  Liptrot
  • Engine 2705 at Thirlmere by George Petrovsky
  • Stoker on Steam Engine 2705 by George Petrovsky
  • Locomotive Lineup at Barrow Hill by Scott Read
  • 60163 Tornado & 70000 Britannia by Steve  Liptrot
  • Caddaford Curve by phil hemsley
  • The Cumbrian Mountain Express by Steve  Liptrot
  • Blue Giant by Edward Denyer
  • Flying Scotsman by Trevor Kersley
  • Beyer Garratt 1009 by Graeme  Hyde
  • Cheyenne's Big Boy by Graeme  Hyde
  • Eureka and Palisade in Silverton by bluerabbit
  • Rivets by Dikkidee
  • Dorrigo Train (1) by Margaret  Hyde
  • "Terrier" Tank Engine by Edward Denyer
  • Letting off steam by Darbs